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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. The W.M. (Initial Talk Mix) by Tom Aspaul with Kim is excellent. I can't wait to see what they have come up with for the new song.

    It's 40 years of hits, some of your favourites will not feature as highly as they did before. I for one am super excited for this boxset, you can tell they have gone out their way to make it special.
  2. So can’t wait for this, preordered this morning.
    How lovely to have 5 discs! Including those hard to find 90s singles it’s going to be fabulous.
  3. And the DVDs... I can’t stress enough how I don’t trust access via YouTube. It can disappear anytime.
  4. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the remastered videos, the ones I have watched on YouTube have been terrible quality.
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  5. Agree, this looks like an excellent job.
  6. Nice to hear the videos will be remastered.
  7. Yes, they could have easily left the videos as they were, so nice to hear they have remastered them. An bonus touch.
  8. I can confirm that it will be the Single Mix of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' on the boxset, as well as the Single Mix of 'Time', although it doesn't mention it on the tracklisting online.
  9. I didn't even know there was a 7" mix of Time so even more excited for this set now, it has over the years become one of my absolute favourite Dame Kim songs.
  10. It's very subtle but is more synth based and slightly different drums.
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  11. Me neither! Great to see, love Time.
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  12. With exception of the two duets, I've playlisted discs one, two and four and I'm loving the whole premise of this more and more. The courageous track sequencing actually works incredibly well - it flows as a really cohesive set and allows songs that otherwise wouldn't be given time of day, their time to shine. It's like a gentle one in the face of a general public who showed indifference to Hey Mister Heartache or missed the brilliance of Million Miles Away et al. Unencumbered by chart numbers, the consistent quality does make it sound like I'm listening to big hit after big hit after big hit (as so many should have been).

    I love that the one disc which is in chronological order is the B-sides one. It beautifully captures the evolution of Kim as an artist with nods to influences of the time - some really strong song-writing and a little more playing with the boundaries of convention. Cracking stuff.

    Yes, there are a few things I might do differently, but they're miniscule (beyond the artwork) and the beauty of sharing a space with people just as passionate and enthusiastic is that we can exchange ideas, feedback and notes on what we love, like less and everything in between, and that's more than okay, its interesting.

    That said, this set as I'm listening to (most of) it right now warrants remarkably little comeback - its that rarest of things these days - a well-considered, quite bold presentation on forty years of an artists work. Many times I've said that Kim is deserving of a Bananarama-esque reappraisal of her work so her contribution gets the recognition it deserves and this is a massive step towards achieving it.

    Very excited for this set now, and that's despite the fact that this comes just months after I've finished collecting the single mixes (ain't that always the way though, haha!).
  13. Speaking of the 'Rams, imagine a Kim "Singles Boxset" like the one for them and Beldina.
  14. What about World In Perfect Harmony? Is there a different single mix of that or was it the same as the album version?
  15. Same as the album version. It is listed as 7'' Version on the CD Single, remix credits the same as the Extended Version. This is an error as the Extended Version is a Dance Mix. I have checked myself and it's just the album version. 'Love In The Natural Way' is also listed as 7 Inch Version on the CD Single but is the same as the album version.

    Each track from the boxset is taken from their single masters, so if it remixed or edited as a single, that's what will appear on the boxset.
  16. Thanks for the reply @Anjoel40 I thought that the 7” Version of World In Perfect Harmony was the same as the album version but wasn’t sure if there may be subtle differences like Time. Glad to have a definitive answer now
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  17. I've never been into Kim's ballads. To me, she's a perfect uptempo artist. I like her 'moody' tracks which are semi ballads I guess like 'Cambodia' and 'Child come away' but I struggle with the ballad singles. Even 'Four letter word' has a bit of bounce to it but it's not really a favourite.
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  18. Yes please.
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  19. The video mix for "Love In The Natural Way" is shorter than the album version, is that right? It'd be great to get that one day, as I always found the album version draggy.

    This TOTP performance is even shorter - it cuts out the first note:
  20. At this point in time, Top Of The Pops sometimes had a habit of cutting down songs for length/time. Beautiful song though, one of my Kim favourites.
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