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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I suspect most of the UK never even knew 'Love moves' even happened so 'Love is' was 'Kim's back!!!'
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  2. Very true I suspect. If your singles weren't hitting the top 40 and making appearances on totp, to a large section of people you weren't around. I doubt any love moves singles were even given radio 1 airplay.

    Remember radio one hammering Love is Holy and Kim seemed to appear practically everyday on some TV show performing it that in some respects I was shocked it didn't go top ten.
  3. Kim tried some R1 promo for the Love Moves campaign's third and final single at the end of 1990. I remember her guesting on "Singled Out" with Record Mirror/Music Week's legendary stats man Alan Jones.
  4. Love Is is a brilliant album, Love Is Holy should definitely have been bigger
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  5. Back in the early 90s, Australian music video program rage aired the top 60 (how random it being a top 60, I know) chart on Saturday morning, starting at around 5:30 a.m. One morning in June 1992, 'Love Is Holy' entered at #57. I had no idea Kim even had something new out until that moment ddd. There were a bunch of heavily discounted singles (an anomaly for here) released here around that time, and 'Love Is Holy' was one of those, with the CD single retailing for either $1.99 or $0.99 (compared to the standard price of $7.99), and the cassingle retailing for $0.99 (compared to the standard price of $5.99), which no doubt helped it climb into the top 30 (her first top 30 hit here since 'You Keep Me Hangin' On' went to #1 in early 1987).
  6. Also helped by it being a Belinda song in all but vocals...
  7. Belinda (bar Free I guess) wasn't REALLY setting the aussie charts alight that year or the one before though dd.
  8. My book just arrived, it's much more of a photographic book than I was expecting (I almost didn't think there would be any!), which is great to see! Love seeing all the different eras.
  9. Did you get your CD? I got mine (number nine hundred and thirty-something…)
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  10. Yeah, I got two randomly. One in the book and one in the jiffy bag! My bookplate says number 930, I'm happy for the author and how he's almost all the way up to the 1,000 mark.
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  11. I'm 928 so we must have ordered at the same time. Glad that I got my CD, maybe you got 929's!
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  12. I just ordered as the postage when I ordered originally tried to buy when it was announced was the postage was stupid. I wanted the CD too, so hopefully it will come with that, it says it does. It can go on the shelf next to my Mr. Men range.
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  13. I also ordered mine last night. Probably will have to wait a bit longer to receive it here, but I have tiiiiime.
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  14. I want to buy the book but it's a fortune to get it to the states. I don't have a kindle either otherwise I would settle for that.
  15. I remember Gary Davies playing 'Time' once (I was surprised), and also 'It's Here' on Radio 1 once as some kind of new releases thing. But it all seemed very bottom-of-the-C-LIst.
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  16. I genuinely never knew there were any post 'It's here' singles released from the album until I bought the Greatest Hits 93 and it had an inlay that had 'Love moves including the singles...'
  17. I was aware Love Is Holy was out, the problem was it sounded like a Belinda Carlisle cast off a couple of years after Belinda herself had had a properly big hit so already sounded dated.
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  18. For me, Kim all but disappeared after It's Here, and I think I was only aware of that from a quick blast of the video on The Chart Show or something similar. As a Dead Or Alive fan, I'd learned by the late 80's to not rely on Radio 1, Going Live!, Top of the Pops, The Chart Show and Smash Hits to tell me what was going on as in 1990 they suddenly went all baggy and 'madchester' and generic house song. I'd often be found loitering in the singles section of Woolies checking out all the 7''s in the lower shelves and scouring the bottom 50 of Record Mirror's top 100 chart or flirting with the reviews of NME for a sign of Jaki Graham, a morsel of Pete Burns or a hint of Amazulu.

    I worked in Our Price in 1990 and had to report weekly on the shop's sales figures which was the only reason I knew Boy George was still going, after a handful of folk came in asking for the One On One 12". I don't recall anyone asking for "the new Kim Wilde."

    So when she burst back, Back, Back! (etc) onto the telly and radio with that massive chorus of a song, I loved it every bit as much as I'd loved Belinda's I Get Weak coming a year after Alison Moyet delivered Weak In The Presence Of Beauty - relief mixed with joy and an air of the familiar. I also thought If I Can't Have You was the follow up to Heart Over Mind. No idea of the singles in between.

    The pre-internet world was such a different one, and not always for better reasons.
  19. For me, it was fortunate that Love Moves was released the same week as albums by Pretenders and Michael McDonald, so I saw it on the new release shelves and bought it on the strength of how much I had loved Close. I think I'd only heard It's Here maybe once and wasn't that wowed by it...but I knew not to always trust a, the lead single from a Kim album as a barometer of its overall quality.
  20. Time was advertised in Smash Hits, Number One and Record Mirror.
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