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Kim Wilde - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. A recent(?) interview with Kim & Ricky was on Dutch TV yesterday, about Kids In America. Always good to see her on TV!!
  2. That's the bop I was after!
  3. Now this is brilliant! Bloody love it! Kim singing about a 'summer of love' in this scorchio heatwave we're having is so on point it hurts! Hope we get some more - it's prime for remix treatment.

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  4. Much better new song this.
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  5. Great new track. Worth the wait.
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  6. Another great podcast. Love the addition of some of the b-sides, although they really deserve one of their own, they are that good. Always wondered if Never Felt So Alive was a contender as a single for the 81-93 hits comp. I loved it more than A-side at the time and is easily better than In My Life, I think.
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  7. They didn't know I was going to talk about the b sides and due to the length of the pod already I had to pick a handful - hope you approved! I love 'Never Felt So Alive' as well.
  8. Fantastic podcasts!
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  9. I hadn’t listened to the Boy George collab before listening to Part 2, primarily because of the bashing it got here.

    I like it!
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  10. You’re My Karma absolutely slaps.
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  12. Just listened to part 2, an absolutely brilliant podcast. So glad some of the B sides got covered too as they are some of her best tracks
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  13. Excellent Part 2 @backstreetjoe The 'Numinous' story is so funny. Love the B-Side talk too. 'Loving You' is probably my favourite Kim Wilde track ever.
  14. Just saw that on Facebook, forgot there was a third singles disc, looks like such a great product.
  15. This is so cute Looks great.
  16. What a lovely lady. Kim deserves a career spanning boxset like this, it looks like a great product. I'm so excited!
  17. Love it. Kim taken over by the spirit of Patsy from AbFab.

    She's genuinely chuffed with it all, and so she should. Can't wait to get my copy.
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