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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. This is my most anticipated release of the year, can't believe it is finally upon us tomorrow!

    I saw the boxset behind the counter in HMV yesterday (looked amazing) and the guy showed me the 2CD version too before telling me he couldn't sell it till Friday... Not long now!
  2. The Kim Wilde Boxset sounds great. The Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) (Club Mix) sounds excellent, I can't tell it's vinyl.

    The correct 7'' Versions are used as well. The new Tron Mix of 'You Came' is unusual. It's sort acoustic electric breakbeat. Sounds like a lot of mixes we get these days for chart songs.

    The sound is excellent. Clear and not too overloud. The track order is fun. I try not to memorise it too much so I am more surprised.
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  3. Thanks for the teasers!
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  4. Ooh, my copy is arriving tomorrow! So glad to hear the good reports.
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  5. Amazon (UK) getting low on stock. Wonder if they will get more when these run out (down to the last ten).
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  6. I can't find it on Spotify, so I'm glad my copy is on its way.
  7. “Patiently” awaiting an email from Cherry Pop to say it’s en route…… I need this for the weekend!
  8. I rarely get an email from them.
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  9. It's not on Apple Music, this really needs to arrive at my work before 5pm otherwise I won't get it until Monday, fingers crossed!
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  10. Listening to this now on iTunes as I await the box to arrive and this really does sound awesome, can't wait to get the physical copy in my hands! So many treats on this!

    Hoping it will be added to streaming too...
  11. I too hope it will be added to streaming too. I use Amazon Music, and as good value for money (personally) it is, one thing I do dislike about it, is not being able to "do an Apple Music", and use your own music library within it. SO many Kim singles on streaming need an remastered version on there.
  12. Mine never arrived today, damn it. I'll probably end up receiving it Thursday next week.
  13. My delivery of delicious goods have arrived! Looks amazing - can’t wait to dig deep this weekend!
  14. Amazon price is also down, so anyone pre-ordering should get a £5 refund over the weekend.
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  15. I've just had an update from Amazon saying it'll arrive between 7:15pm-10pm so I won't being enjoying this over the weekend then, and now I'm tempted to buy it from iTunes.

    Update: I spoke to Amazon and they sent me the MP3s via Amazon Music, so I'm happy with that!
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  16. My Kim set has arrived! It's sounding fab and is so comprehensive. My only complaint would be the artwork and photos, but overall it's a fantastic set.
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  17. It's arrived and it's gorgeous. Definitely how to do a career retrospective greatest hits. Love it.

    I thought both Time and It's Here had 7" Versions but they aren't listed as such in the box? If I remember correctly from earlier in this thread I think it was confirmed that the remasters for this release were all the singles masters so the version on the box set is what was on the original single? Are these two mixes the same as the album version or slightly tweaked 7" remixes?
  18. Time is slightly remixed and included on the boxset. I don't think 'It's Here' was remixed. The single masters were used for each track, so each single is what was on the single master release.
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  19. Thanks Anjoel, I wasn't sure about It's Here., it sounds so much crisper and brighter than the album version but I didn't think it was a remix
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  20. To quote the great lady "it's here"!

    So excited to get stuck into this over the weekend. This is already one of my all time favourite greatest hits packages.
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