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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I preferred her early 90s era, but in general her videos were good.
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  2. She was at her peak in the Love Moves era. She looks amazing in all 4 videos. So good to see them looking great on the DVD at last!
  3. The Time video is a big favourite of mine. How Rhythm of Love Kylie did she look? I can pay no higher compliment!
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  4. Have to say I'm pretty impressed with the video quality of the DVD's. Pretty much all the videos look the best I've seen them before.

    Haven't had a chance to listen to much on the CDs yet but having listened to cd1 I realise I'd never heard the 7" mix of A Million Miles Away before. Definitely has some added sounds and vocals on it towards the end.
  5. Sadly, my copy hasn’t arrived. I hope it hadn’t slipped into the ether.
  6. Honestly those 7” versions on disc 1 are like discovering the songs for the very first time, they had so much life pumped into them, such a shame most people like myself have only been familiar with the album versions, until now that is, it’s really made me appreciate some those songs a lot more.
  7. I'm even more excited to import the CDs now, it's attention to detail like sourcing the correct 7" mixes that makes this such a special set.
  8. Always remember being disappointed Time was announced as the second single at the time when Can't Get Enough was there waiting on the album. It's definitely grown on me and having watched totp 1990 lately, it's no.71 chart placing seems harsh considering some of the stuff that made the top 40 ATM.

    As for Say You Really Want Me only making no.29, I guess as it wasn't written by the usual team it had a different slightly American sound to it. You'd thing the video and 6 formats released for it would have a bit more of an impact.

    You can make an argument for most of Kim's flop singles deserving better I think but obvs I'm bias.
  9. I said this earlier, it’s like Better The Devil meets What Do I Have To Do
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  10. This was also new to me and is amazing
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  11. In the podcast they discussed the video being banned on MTV due to Pearl necklace gate, so maybe that had something to do with it too
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  12. It is a rather large Pearl Necklace
  13. Yeah I'm surprised and don't 100% believe that was the reason it was banned but obvs they know better than me. I don't reckon any kid would have been aware of the reference. Kim certainly wasn't. I just think Kim riding on top of 4 wet topless models would have been enough as that was probably seen as soft porn in 1987 in pop video terms.
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  14. I never even made that connection....
  15. Oh my I ready for this?
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  16. Mine arrived from Cherry Red in a huge ‘compartment–within–a–sleeve’ type package, so big I was initially disappointed thinking my Kimbox hadn’t arrived on time.

    The quality, care, and sheer attention to detail put into this really does Kim and Ricky proud. Kim, for me, really is a top–tier pop star.
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  17. Say You Really Want Me just didn't connect sadly. It had the formats, the press advertising, TV performances and the video 'scandal' buzz. It also got lost in the midst of Who's That Girl and Bad eras dominating, and was probably seen as an I Want Your Sex rip off by the public. BUT it could also be simpler stuff like not getting radio play. Summer of 1987 was stacked with bops too.
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  18. Think Million Miles Away, is fast becoming an favourite of mine. Absolutely gorgeous all round, not to mention the guy in the music video too!
  19. 'Million Miles Away' will always be my go to Kim song, the perfect pop song
  20. It's lovely.
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