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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I had a sneak peak by listening to Shane and it’s actually a great song, surprised it didn’t make the album.
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  2. In the podcast she said her bsides were always an attempt at writing an A side hence the quality is generally very good on them.
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  3. I just love it when an artist has a treasure chest full of b-sides that are just as worthy as their album tracks and a-sides
  4. Wotcha Gonna Do and Never Felt So Alive are easily my favorites, but they are all pretty good.
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  5. Never Trust a Stranger. So powerful, so prophetic, so strong.
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  6. Another reason to love Hey Mister Heartache
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  7. 1992's Birthday Song is superb. Can't stop listening to it.
  8. That performance on The Roxy was amazing.
  9. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Pop Don’t Stop really would’ve stormed Eurovision.
  10. CD1 of the Greatest Hits flows really well. One gem after another. I almost forget how good Heart Over Mind is. And the 7" of Hey Mister Heartache just makes me think of sunny summer mornings in June 1988 again.

    It's funny that I actually began to appreciate Kim's music more when I wasn't able to watch TV or read magazines from late 1987 to sometime in 1993...
  11. Let's be honest though, The Second Time is absolute FILTH.
  12. I finished watching all the videos and Shine On felt like a right note to finish on, so nice seeing Kim and Boy George together! This song is growing on me.
    Honestly all I can say is “what a career”, I’ was a bit sad when I got to the end, just watching her progress over the past 4 decades and wondering where Time has gone, I’m saving the interviews for another night though so I’ve still got that to look forward to.
  13. Since reading the book and listening to the podcast I have a new respect for some tracks I had overlooked. I have always loved the storytelling in their lyrics with the ability to still have a great hook. Hearing Kim and Ricky on the podcast you already have some sense of who they are by their songs. Hearing them chat confirms it, observational and down to earth.

    The videos are a great journey too, even my other half sort of watched with me (he's not hugely fussed about things like that) and enjoyed them (especially all the men).The quality is better than we normally get from Cherry Red, I wonder if the format had something to do with that.
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  14. There was many a hunk across these videos!
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  15. I see the album is no.19 in the first midweek charts. With streaming added later (for which there will be none for this) hopefully it might just cling on to a top 50 placing.

    Purely for selfish reasons, it's a shame cherryred didn't have more formats to boost sales. Plus the 2cd version is hidden away on Amazon completely unless people search for it exactly.

    Anyway, I guess this compilation was more a present for the fans rather than trying to appeal to the casual listener.
  16. Anyone else wish Shane had been the B side to Shame?

    Also, can anyone tell me how to access the extras on the DVD, I can’t find a menu item or anything in the DVD audio layers.
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  17. I think there is a main menu or select track option (or something) on dvd part 2. The 2 interviews are listed at the end in the select track menu, if that's what you were referring too.
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  18. Thank you. I thought I’d looked there. Will check again.
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