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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. My Top 5:

    1 You Came (7" Version)
    2 Love In The Natural Way (Video Edit)
    3 Time (7" Version)
    4 Another Step (7" Version)
    5 Say You Really Want Me (7" Version)

    Honourable mention to Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love)!
  2. Current top 5/top 10 (order subject to constant change)

    1. You Came
    2. Time 7"
    3. Never Trust A Stranger
    4. Kids In America
    5. Cambodia
    6. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
    7. Heart Over Mind
    8. Hey Mister Heartache
    9. View From A Bridge
    10. Four Letter Word
  3. My top 5:
    1. You Came
    2.If I Can't Have You
    3.Say You Really Want Me (Video Mix)
    4. Time (7")
  4. 1. You Came
    2. Never Trust A Stranger
    3. Time
    4. Hey Mister Heartache
    5. Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love)

    I didn’t even get to mention Million Miles Away or If I Can’t Have You
  5. Ooh

    1. Can’t Get Enough
    2. The Touch
    3. Never Trust A Stranger
    4. Yours Til The End
    5. The Second Time

    Today anyway!
  6. My #11.
  7. Used to love this (and sonically, still do) but those lyrics....
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  8. What a top 5! This is really tough isn't it?!
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  9. Blimey! If ever a Kim singles rate happened on pj it looks like Time would be in the top 10 which is surprising considering its massive floppage on release.

    Agree with a comment EG made the other day regarding Heart Over Mind. It just sounded so good on the new hits comp when in the past I've never really understood why it was chosen as a single.

    Never Trust A Stranger
    View From A Bridge
    Water on Glass
    The Second Time
    It's Here
    Can't Get Enough
    Who Do You Think You Are?
    The Touch
    Say You Really Want Me
    Dancing in the Dark
  10. It's such a cracking set. Yes, there's a few things I'd amend / change in terms of the sequencing (e.g., the poptastic World In Perfect Harmony 'languishing' on disc 3 while sub-par It's Alright sits pretty among the greatest hits is not okay!), but overall it works well as a cohesive set. As already noted, songs that otherwise may have stayed in the shadows get their chance to shine, confidently showcasing that Kim has been consistently excellent, regardless of when or whether she had sales / public support that reflected the quality of her output.

    From the off, I've loved the move to mix things up - Kim disc 1 is more poppy while Kim disc 2 has the rockier edge - reminded me of Pop Art, and spookily enough Windows Media Player showed Pop Art as the title of one of the discs.

    The B-sides disc is a pop justice - Kim's always been an artist who massively invested in the importance of having a B-side when many other artists simply (lazily?) offered up Instrumental Version (later Karaoke Mix) or Dubstramental, Flutestramental, Kitchensinkstramental and 'Beats'). This being the one disc that is chronological offers a less polished and fascinating insight to an artist developing creatively while flirting with the sounds and trends of the time covering all of the last 40 years.

    With it in front of me, I still think the cover of the box is the weakest point, but what's inside makes that less significant. The booklet is really well done - felt like I was flicking through a Kim Wilde Smash Hits Special. I like that all my time collecting singles isn't made redundant by this set - a good selection of extended mixes but I can still turn to the CD singles for extended mixes of some of Love Is and Loves Moves eras (though I'll be happy to have them become redundant if it means we get deluxe albums).

    This fantastic set coming off the back of her best studio album in years has me really excited for where Kim goes next, and if the next chapter opens with an album of The Promise with some unreleased Close-era material, I'm all for it.
  11. I find it near impossible to name a top 5 fave. But as far as remixes go, this one’s definitely in my Top 3.

  12. The top 5 is a tough one but this is how it looks at the moment

    1. Time
    2. The Touch
    3. You Came
    4. It’s Here
    5. View from a Bridge
  13. Of course I bloody forgot Rage To Love!
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  14. My top 5 is rather more obvious:
    1 Kids in America
    2 You came
    3 Cambodia
    4 Chequered love
    5 Never trust a stranger
  15. I don't normally do these but hey ho :

    1. Loving You
    2. Never Trust A Stranger
    3. Hey Mr. Heartache
    4. Rage To Love
    5. Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love)

    Honourable mentions, You Came & Chequered Love
  16. Difficult, but here goes:

    1. You Came
    2. Love Is Holy
    3. Time
    4. Four Letter Word
    5. Real Life
  17. It’s really nice to see the love for Hey Mister Heartache on here. Should’ve been a much bigger hit. I loved it upon first listen.
  18. Would easily be inside my top 10 gotta say. And yes. it should have been!
  19. Hey Mister Heartache is one of the best openers of any album.
  20. I am miffed 'Keep Me Hangin' On' didn't make my top 5 as I love it. Some of you binches cheated and put 10, we know who you are.
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