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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Time too.
  2. Yes, quite Rhythm Of Love esque.
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  3. 7" of Time is very Jam & Lewis-y. I could hear it on Crash by The Human League.
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  4. Luc


    I received my box set yesterday.. What a lovely Kim Wilde weekend so far! Still baffled by the quality of the B-Sides! Awesome stuff!
  5. I’m hopeful, after that Cherry Red Q&A video that we might get a Greatest Hits tour DVD. Please...
  6. Very much so!
  7. Now & Forever is her weakest album for me (I'm still reeling from the fact it's her favourite!) but you could make a good expanded version by including all the club remixes of Breakin' Away, Heaven and Shame (there are some great Matt Darey and T-Empo mixes) as well as the mixes of If I Can't Have You and In My Life. I really hope we do finally get the last 3 MCA albums remastered and expanded, even moreso after loving the boxset and being on a Kim Wilde high all week!
  8. Luc


    Well, after digesting this marvellous box set in its entirety.. The long awaited Expanded 2CD Editions-Reissues of Love Is and Love Moves are essential now!!

    I hope Cherry Red will make our wishes come true and start working on these projects.
  9. I took on the task of creating a playlist with all the singles in chronological order, and wow, what a journey, but also a very long journey, so I actually prefer the running order on the CDs, it's just such a fun listen and the lesser hits not being buried at the back of the track list just adds so much variety, Heart Over Mind has really grown on me and echo what others have said about overlooking this track, but now it stands out so much near the top of disc 1 as a good song.
    I'm already thinking who else could benefit from have a similar collection to this.
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  10. Yeah, having lesser known hits so prominent on CD1 really makes them stand out and you they surprise you.

    was listening to it again on a short journey yesterday and was loving Who Do You Think You Are? again. It so deserved to be a hit and now I don't understand why. At the time, i remember thinking maybe it didn't fit with what was popular in the charts maybe. Always sounded a bit quiet but I guess with today's mastering techniques it comes to life a bit more. Such a great tune though,
  11. CD1 really deserves to be played over again and again.

  12. Where has this gem been all my life? It's Kim meets Enigma. Stunning.
  13. All of her B-sides are amazing. This one of the best along with Virtual World, Lovers on a Beach, Loving you and Never Felt so Alive
  14. Very good this one indeed.
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  15. One thing though, why is it called Birthday Song? Secret Garden would have seemed more appropriate!
  16. Birthday Song is written about the birth of Scarlet Wilde, Ricky’s daughter, who now sings backing vocals in the band (and who created the artwork for Here Come The Aliens).
    I guess that makes it a follow-up to You Came, which was created after the birth of Scarlet’s older brother Marty Jr.
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  17. Top set!

    Echo the comments about mixing up the hits; really works well. B-sides disc is brilliant too. Will watch the DVDs over the next few days.
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  18. New entry at # 8 on the official Scottish album chart. I don't think I'll ever quite comprehend the disparity between regions in the UK.
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  19. We're the kids in Edinburgh...wo-oah.
  20. The UK album charts seems a bit nuts to me atm with the streaming effect. You have so many hits comps in the charts which just remain there clogging up positions as i think someone only needs to listen to 3 songs from that comp that they could hear on various playlists on streaming sites and that counts as a sale. Which means, they never have to really listen to Queen's Greatest Hits 1 in full, just 3 of their big hits need to be on playlists to create a sale.
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