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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. No.20 on iTunes.
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  2. I love how she acknowledges her highs and lows throughout her career and doesn't think it correlates with the quality of the music itself; she's obviously very fond and proud of both Love Moves and Now & Forever. A lot of artists tend to talk their flop albums down in retrospect. But it's quite obvious she was pretty upset with the reception of Now & Forever. Tommy was a big success for her the following year, which I think did wonders to her artistic self-esteem but her ambition to go back to pop was lost for years. I'm so happy for her renaissance. Kim Wilde going this strong in 2018, who would have thought?
  3. Isn't Solstice such a marvelous piece of emo pop? It's all-out melodramatic but oh so beautiful. The mother's crushing pain and horror in the first verse is just devastating.
  4. This thread should be in the main section of the forum!
  5. I asked this but people said no (same with Bananarama!).
  6. We're right.
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  7. Kandy Krush radio mix and push the button mix are out! Loving the attention to detail and “proper” single releases going on with this campaign.

    As a side bar completely agree that kimmy should be moved to the main forum. She’s actively releasing, getting radio AirPlay and about to hit the charts tonight... if that isn’t the definition of current, I’m not sure what else she needs to do to be promoted from the Comeback Corner.
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  8. Be 30 years younger (unfortunately) - It's a bit ironic considering the number of posts about female pop stars and forum favourites of a certain age, being discriminated against by radio programmers etc. But I suspect this is the reason why this thread won't be seen in the Pop and Justice forum.
  9. I didn’t like to say but I did feel like some agism realness was being served here
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  10. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Yeah, the Pop & Justice forum should be for active artists, no matter how long they’ve been at it, and Comeback Corner should be for defunct artists. There’s no reason why Madonna and Kylie should be there while Kim is here.
  11. Well I hope it isn’t that, and I doubt it is. I hardly visit the main board, so if my faves like Bananarama and Kim Wilde were moved there, I’d never read the threads. If Kim Wilde isn’t perfect for Comeback Corner, then no one is. She is literally having a comeback after several non-UK albums, no chart action and a career break. The Kylie’s and Madonna’s have never stopped releasing pop music and it continues to chart, so there’s no comeback for them to have.
  12. It’s not only ageist (but tragic also), that a bonafide Pop Artist with a brand new album consisting entirely of original, vital & contemporary mainstream Pop Songs, who is generating enough sales of that collection of Pop Songs, to place her within this weeks mainstream U.K. Top 20 (& German Top 10) Album Charts - is being so cruelly denied the higher revenue streams (& chart position) for that collection of wholly original material, which she would undoubtedly get through being able to reach out to a younger demographic of Pop Fans, if they could only find her on the main forum.
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  13. To be fair though, Kim has been actively recording, releasing and touring for years now. It’s not like this album is a comeback after 20 years... her proper comeback was over 10 years ago and girl has been serving on a regular basis since.
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  14. Defunct artists can’t have a comeback, so that makes no sense. Only old pop stars returning to the UK charts/music scene can be considered to be making a comeback. There’s a better argument that Gary Numan should be “main board” because he hasn’t stopped since the 70s and still hits #2 on the album chart, but who wants to see him tumble to the 8th page under the likes of Liam Payne and Ed Sheeran? It is inconsistent however. Steps, Daphne & Celeste, Ladytron, etc. should all be Comeback Corner.
  15. I disagree. If you’re an artist who is actively releasing and gone beyond comeback status then they should be on the main board
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  16. She hasn’t had a record deal in the UK since she left MCA. She hasn’t charted in the UK top 40 singles or albums chart for almost THREE DECADES (1993 - 25 years). To be charting in 2018 is to be making a comeback. If not, then she’s been incredibly unsuccessful with the British public for 25 years.
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  17. Popjustice isn’t just about UK artists though. And it shouldn’t be either. Proof is in the pudding on the main board.
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  18. Inland Empire

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    I’m pretty sure Comeback Corner isn’t literally for comebacks. There’s threads for artists here who haven’t released music in years, and probably never will again. As I understand it, this section of the forum is for discussion of inactive artists (like Mollie King, whose last single was only a few months ago but has since quit music), whether they’re actually making a comeback or not.
  19. Who cares anyway. It's like an additional click or two to see the thread.
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