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Kim Wilde

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. It’s a lot of effort to move all these threads to and from as releases come and go, though? I can’t see it working, personally. I prefer the posters in the comeback thread, they seem more like myself age/taste/opinion wise. With that in mind, I’m obviously happy for Kim to stay here!
  2. I concur. It makes it a lot easier to check up on all our 80s faves at a glance to have them in Comeback Corner and not pushed down to page 10 by the Louis Tomlinson thread.
  3. Product placement!

    The wider Pop demographic on the main board, who don’t ever click through to Comeback Corner but can impact upon a higher chart position, obviously!
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  4. Let’s just set the record straight on Kim Wilde’s comeback. Kim has been active in the music industry for approaching 40 years to date and has released new albums in 1981; 1982; 1983; 1984; 1986; 1988; 1990; 1992; 1995; 2006; 2010; 2011; 2013; 2018.

    In the years when she may be considered to have been less involved musically (from 1995’s Now & Forever up to the Never Say Never album in 2006) she still released a new single, Shame in 1996 and spent 96-97 in an acclaimed performance in Tommy on the West End. In 1998 she had completed and was ready to release her new album that sadly due to legal disputes at the record label remains unreleased to this day. In 2001 she released The Very Best Of with a new single; the brilliant Loved as well as remixes of some of the classics. In 2002, Born To Be Wild was released and a year later in 2003 Kim had a massive hit across Europe (a #1 in some countries) with Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime (a duet with Nina). All of that was while she had by all accounts turned her attentions to another career altogether and even in that, as a landscape gardener she won several awards including a prestigious Gold Award at the Chelsea Flower show; wrote two books on the subject that have been published and was presenter on several TV shows on gardening.

    In just the last ten years, as well as releasing four brand new albums (one of which had a video for every single track before Beyonce snatched all the credit for the concept of a visual album) and their respective singles, she’s also collaborated on tracks with artists as diverse as Reflekt; DJ Bobo; Fibes, Oh Fibes! and Lawnmower Deth. We’ve had deluxe reissues of all six of her fantastic 80’s albums in 2009; 2010 and 2013 and she’s a DJ on Magic. I’m sure there’s more she’s done that I can’t recall, but for any of us who have followed Kim Wilde all these years, Here Come The Aliens is not a comeback for the artist, it’s a comeback for the general public in the UK and those two things are very different indeed.

    As for the debate on Comeback Corner, I think there's many artists in here who, like Kim aren't on a comeback at all, but a bit like when I look at the charts these days I look at the Pop & Justice section and feel quite safe in the knowledge that less than 1% of the artists being fawned over there will even scratch the surface of careers; longevity or legacy of artists like Kim Wilde; Bananarama; Eurythmics et al. If anything I simply to my own mind re-brand Comeback Corner as Legends and am clear that it will be a long time, if ever, before the artists that fight for space and recognition on the front pages of Pop & Justice will be deserving of a place in Legends.
  5. That’s all old catalogue product from years ago though. This is a brand new revitalised Kim! Who against all odds has tapped into something that resonates as being current.

    I never initially thought she would do more than dent the lower reaches of the Top 100 Albums. No one could have predicted what is happening, it’s Magical! This is truly transcendent Pop Music at its finest. The goosebumps this album gives are beyond . . Just let the Pop Kid within you come out & take hold!

    She should not be made to feel weighed down by her past legacy
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  6. Rebrand this sub-forum as “Classic Pop & Herritage Acts” then. That sounds a bit nicer than Comeback Corner.
  7. Music glue emailed to say my vinyl was dispatched then I got an email saying the date of the vinyl was now 29th?..
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  8. Aliens always win.
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  9. This post is actually awesome... when you look at what she has done over the last few years like that, it’s super impressive.

    And a Legends forum? How cool and how apt would that be for some of our faves here who are genuinely worthy of it!

    Now back to the now and the current:
    I am living for the Push The Button mix!
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  10. Slightly frustrating entering at no.21. Still a great result but top 20 would have been amazing. Still it beats most of her UK album placing. Not sure if her previous album, Wilde Winter Songbook even made top 100 so still a big achievement. I hope the Wilde clan are pleased with the result a anyway.
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  11. Nice to see Kim back on the UK album charts. Until we saw the midweeks we were speculating if she would make top 100 so this is a good week for her.

    The album also appeared in my local Tesco today at #28 on their chart, pity they didn't stock it on release week.
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  12. So annoying she missed out on top 20 by one place, and missed out on top 10 in Germany by one place too!!

    Still at least it's charted, proud of her for that!
  13. Snap. I'm so confused.
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  14. I never expected Kim to be on the top 40 again so I am pleased but it's kind of annoying Alexandra Burke's album sold only 65 copies more yet ended up 5 places higher.
  15. Those final 100 seconds of the album though. One of the most epic, beautiful codas to an album I’ve ever heard.
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