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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Slips to #91 on iTunes
  2. The other way around for me. First I got an e-mail about the delayed release date and then later the same day I got an e-mail saying my copy had shipped.
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  3. I have had some of the later recordings on recently, and fell back in love with Kim’s take on Sleeping Satellite. Her sound is so ‘big’ it really suited that cover.
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  4. Hi. I've been a member of the PJ forum for some time but never posted. I come in to lurk and find out about new albums and reissues. I'm a long-time fan of Kim's music, and love that she has a new album out. I've been re-discovering Michael Jackson's music since last September, and I read about Kim being the support act during his Bad tour. I also read a few articles that she had this UFO encounter after he died, and that she thought Michael Jackson was haunting her! I was wondering if she has mentioned this in any of her recent interviews promoting this album? Probably not.
  5. The Story to which you refer appears to originate from this press story.

    It is merely a fanciful notion that briefly went through her head, as the (apparent) UFO sifting just happened to occur in the immediate aftermath of his death.
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  6. MJ collaboration confirmed.
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  7. Anyone going to the Lowry gig?
  8. The album charted at #10 on the Scottish album chart.
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  9. Solstice is just stunning.

    It will be such a moment on the tour, Kim's vocals are gorgeous.
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  10. We're the Kids In Midlothian...woah-oh...
  11. It wouldn't be popjustice forum is there wasn't a bunch of hypocrits running the show. This is a prime example of ageism and more.
    You've got tons of young nobodies who have not released an album ever and they've been there for years in the main forum.

    I got the deluxe box last week and I have to say that while the artwork is just horrible and a disservice to a big pop comeback of such a legend, the music is pretty good. On first listen I was really turned off by the obvious use of vocoder.
  12. I need to issue a small apology in that I don't think it's ageism at all, just illogic and irrational. I just noticed Cheryl Cole is also a resident of the Comeback Corner, hehehehe. And I guess I should be lucky that Kylie hasn't been relegated to comeback artist...
  13. Going in at 21# in the UK is very, very well done for her, given it's 2018, even though missing top 20 by one small step is a bit annoying. One must keep in mind that if things were like they used to be she would have scored a top 10 album based on sales only. I can't complain.
  14. Saw the new Strangers flick last night and must admit I did get a kick out of Kim's music being the soundtrack to two grizzly death scenes.
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  15. Which songs did they use? Randomly her song Take Me Tonight is used on the US version of the end credits for Italian Horror film Tenebrae by Dario Argento.
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  16. Has anyone received their signed (yellow) Vinyl album yet? I had a card through the door from the postie saying 'item too big for letterbox' - pretty sure it must be Here Come The Aliens LP as not ordered anything else that wouldn't fit through the letterbox.
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  17. Yeah received mine today and I think quite a few others have too so would imagine your parcel is the coloured vinyl. Very nice it is too.
  18. #21 is AWESOME on so many levels.

    She's 57 years young and just scored a Top 25 album for the first time in decades, on an indie label, without the benefit of a hit single. That is awesome!
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