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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Yes my vinyl turned up Saturday too.

    I hope Cyber Nation War is the opening song on the tour. It would make for a fantastic opening to the show.
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  2. One of my favourites. I think it would have been the perfect closing track on the album. Hopefully it gets a live outing!
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  3. My signed vinyl arrived yesterday - it is gorgeous and it was played loud last night!
  4. I like “Cyber Nation War”, but I don’t view it as single worthy at all. My concern is that Kim may deem it “relevant” because of its subject matter & because she possibly might have paid for the Frida Sundemo feature. However, there are at least five other tracks on the album that I feel have much greater single potential than it.
  5. Cyber Nation War has no feature. You're thinking of Rosetta and I doubt Frida was paid anything bar her share of the performer's royalties which must be less than 100 quid.
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  6. Kids in America and Cambodia! Both while characters are killed.
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  7. I like the track, but I never heard of this Frida person, so why would someone of Kim's stature have to pay a nobody to sing with her?
  8. I've just seen a few interviews she has done lately. Loose Women etc. She really is lovely isn't she.
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  9. This is already my fave record of 2018 (Unless Dollar reform and release something cough cough) Well done Kim.

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  10. I think 'Birthday' is my current fave.
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  11. Means aliens bought all their copies so now it's just humans buying.
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  12. I need a cold shower...

    What a track! And I had Love Moves for years. Why wasnt it a massive hit?
  13. Out of all the deep cuts I am PRAYING for this to make an appearance on tour!
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  14. ...and why wasn't it released in the UK? One of life's many mysteries. I know she couldn't crack the top 40 in 1990 but I'm sure this would have.

    I wish A Million Miles Away and A Miracles Coming had issued as singles off Love Is too. They just sounded like sure fire hits to me.
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  15. I am convinced that Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) would have given her a UK Top 40. It was the perfect continuation of her Close sound in the 90s.
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  16. Everyone was into Snap!, Black Box, Happy Mondays, Vanilla Ice, Adamski etc, we been through this.
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  17. Yep, the UK charts were in a mess. Even the US big-hitters were seeing their singles get to #36.
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  18. Weird cause that's maybe the only one I don't like, too rocky for my taste.
  19. So maybe Virtual World should've been an A-side? Or they should've given the remixed version of Can't Get Enough a push in the UK (there was also a snappy radio edit of this but I can't find it anywhere):
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  20. Flop fan me never knew she did a duet with Nathan Moore called If There Was Love in the late 90's but it was shelved. The chorus is actually very nice. Wonder how it would have fared had it been released in the summer of 1999...
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