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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. It would have smashed in 1988.
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  2. Fuck me this album is glorious. Her voice hasn't changed at all!
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  4. I don't think they are official but might be wrong. They say they are from Oz on the Fruitgum label (i thought they were Russian made tbh). They sound good. Whether they were remastered I'm not sure. Don't think so.
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  5. The tour starts tonight right?

    I will be checking out of this thread as I'm seeing her on Monday and don't want any spoilers. It's gonna be amazing!
  6. Do we have a set-list?
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  7. She played 20 songs, 6 of which were from the New album. Words Fell Down, Another Step and Blade runner made an appearance.
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  8. Blade Runner! Yes. Any chance of a full set list please?
  9. I didn't go last night (going to the Bournemouth gig), just saw the set list somewhere. Think she played Rosetta and first 5 tracks off the new album, all the usual hits you would expect and the 3 additions I mentioned, although I know Words Fell Down isn't exactly new to the set list.
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  10. I must say listening this album -she does sounds fantastic and voice is even better -love that Nasal congested sound :) glorious i like it better even then Now & forever
    my top 5 KW albums
    1. Here come the Aliens
    2. Come out & Play (Lights down low) wow
    3. Close
    4. Another step (You keep me hangin on) Wow!
    5. Never say never
  11. My Top 5 KW albums:

    1. Select
    2. Teases and Dares
    3. Here Come The Aliens
    4. Catch As Catch Can
    5. Close
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  12. Its on Bit dull, i am disappointed, no Teases & Dares, Love Is, Love Moves singles. Oh well, still looking forward!
  13. I'd say right now:
    Love Is
    Another Step
    Love Moves
    Here Come the Aliens

    But maybe once the Aliens newness fades, the debut will creep back into my Top 5. Either way, it's amazing this late into her career she is turning out such amazing music.
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  14. Full setlist from last night:
    1. Stereo Shot
    2. Water on Glass
    3. Never Trust a Stranger
    4. Kandy Krush
    5. Cambodia
    6. Yours 'til the End
    7. Another Step (Closer to You)
    8. Words Fell Down
    9. Bladerunner
    10. Four Letter Word
    11. If I Can't Have You
    12. Rosetta
    13. Birthday
    14. View From a Bridge
    15. Chequered Love
    16. You Came
    17. You Keep Me Hangin' On
    18. 1969
    19. Pop Don't Stop
    20. Kids in America

    The show last night was amazing! We were 3rd row in the middle. A great atmosphere.
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  15. Perfect. Many thanks. I hope it stays at 20 songs, and she doesn't cut any songs between now and when I see her in Hastings in 24 days time.
  16. I love Bladerunner and Words Fell Down but if she is aiming at the casual fan, she could replace those 2 songs with Love Is Holy and Rage To Love, then most of the hits from her 81-93 collection is performed. Love Moves didn't really generate any UK hits so can understand that it's not represented.
    She needs her own anti-tour!
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  17. I think "Rage to Love" seems to be forgotten. I wish she'd perform it again! And "Love Is Holy".
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  18. Perfect taste. Can't argue with that top5.

    When you're playing 6 songs from a new album (which I'm chuffed about) the rest has to be the big hitters to please the casual fans going so am not too surprised by the set list.should still be an amazing night out. Hopefully, the anti tour will cover the lesser known singles and album cuts.
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  19. Considering they are both top 20 hits which I believe she likes, it's odd neither seem to make the set list. I'd take them over if I can't have you any day.
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  20. Okay so this turns out to be one of her best albums. Wow. Lots to take in.
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