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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Awesome. Given the sci-fi theme of the tour Bladerunner was bound to happen. I don't think she has performed it since the 1985 tour. Kim and the band sound truly amazing in many of the clips, I need a live album.
  2. She looks amazing.
  3. Just dropped some coin for the vinyl. The cover looks fucking stunning!
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  4. The cover seems to be a love it or hate it thing. Personally I love it and want to get it framed.
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  5. The more I hear Pop Don't Stop, the more I want to get on board with this era and buy the vinyl, I really should, I remember being sad reading she'd abandoned music for gardening when I discovered her in 2003.
  6. I went to see her as an impulse ticket purchase last night and she was surprisingly really good. she retweeted my video of Kids in America afterwards which was quite the buzz too!
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  7. OK you two cost her a Top 10 album. Bad Little Aliens!
  8. I honestly didn't know it was out yet! I just got back from Oz so I'm catching up with 2018 pop, forgive me!
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  9. I framed mine. Love it so much.
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  10. I'm still on a high from seeing Dame Kim last night, she was wonderful!

    Pretty much perfect setlist and she was on fine form and in fine voice. She seems such a lovely, funny lady. I loved how she really rocked out on a few numbers and the new songs fitted in perfectly with the classics.

    I was 3 rows back from the front and centre of stage so had an amazing view. The atmosphere was electric and it was so special to get to experience songs I've loved my whole life live in that setting like You Keep Me Hangin' On and You Came. My highlight was Another Step, wasn't sure we would get that one and it was wonderful! Scarlett filled in for Junior very well! It was a real family affair with Scarlett doing an amazing job on backing vocals and Ricky was in his element. Oh, and her guitarist (Neil?) is very fit too!

    A very special concert that I will always treasure.
  11. A great review there and pleased you had such a great time. Looking forward to seeing her this Saturday in Bournemouth. Think I'm in row A, which will be a first at a gig for me.

    Was there much merchandise on sale at the gig? Saw there were a few posters, they expensive?
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  12. There were posters of the album cover and an early 80s look, £5 each or signed for £10. Also a choice of three different tee shirts for £20, again the Aliens cover and a Kids In America one.

    You will have a brilliant time, it was such a pop rush!
  13. I don't know if I hate it because it's awful or because she is not even on it and her name is so small.
  14. both
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  15. I notice KW career was -is :) divided on 3 sides RAK years, MCA years & 2006 Comeback years
    3 different sounds....but i must say MCA gave fabulous music videos too "something to remember "
    Say you really want me video U S version was so beautiful.
  16. Any news on how the album and singles are doing chartwise around Europe?
  17. I'd seen that offer twice on various sites, in fact that's why I bought a ticket in end. Got the CD today, really good, lovely Rio Duran type feel to Yours Til The End (and that is a compliment before I get abused!). Is she selling signed CDs at the gigs and if so how much please?
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  18. They slashed the ticket price in Glasgow too, I bought mine at full price the day they went on sale!

    I was worried it was going to be quite empty as it obviously hadn't been selling well, but the venue was packed and the atmosphere was great.
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