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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I LOVE Love Send Him Back To Me
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  2. It's my 2nd show too. If you have a ticket then come. You can hang with us!
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  3. Cheers. That really kind of you.
  4. I'm so jealous. Wish I was going. Saying that I'm still on a high from Tuesday night at Hastings. Such a brilliant show.
  5. Yay, just got a last minute ticket for Manchester on Monday, fairly decent seat too, for less than £20. Seeing as I got my Nadine refund today, that covered the cost plus meant the hotel didn't cost much on top either.
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  6. Just on the way home from Koko, she was brilliant. Clearly loving doing this tour. Great to see her and all the hits present. The new album sounds amazing live
  7. You were there too @nanafan? Damn, wish I’d known.

    The adorable gays in front of me who shrugged and said, “I didn’t know she did this” when she performed her biggest hit of the nineties, If I Can’t Have You, made me chuckle.
  8. Yes, I was there up in the gods. Not a bad place to be in the whole venue though as view was great. Did you enjoy the show @burntoutcar ?
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  9. I am looking to decorate my living room with a couple of vinyl's with a blue-theme (I'm extra) and found this at the local record store for $1 (along with the Voulez-Vous album).

    I searched every single crevice of that store for Madonna's True Blue but came up empty.
  10. I love this. I have Catch As Catch can album framed. Its a beautiful Blue too.
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  11. The Koko show was awesome even though I could hardly see anything, so many people with backcombed hair!
  12. Were you standing or in seats? I was lucky at Hastings. I was right in front of the stage, only two people in front of me. Typically both people were guys over 6ft, whereas I'm 5ft8, so I kept having to move to see Kim, she definitely made eye contact with me a few times. It was a real blast.
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  13. my view at Hastings

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  14. Lucky you, I was standing in the stalls. I’ve honestly never seen a venue as packed as it was that night, but it was still a fantastic and memorable night!
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  15. One more photo. Tuesday was such a great night. Hope she tours again soon.

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  16. Would you consider Tears for Fears - Seeds of Love blue themed?
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  17. Hmm sort of. I couldn't find a fourth that really hit the mark so I have Tango In The Night there for now. But the Kim, Voulez-Vous, and Best of Blondie really look great together. I want True Blue, and then two more for a six-panel look.
  18. The Best of Blondie is a fabulous cover! Absolutely iconic photo!
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  19. True Blue has been repressed so should be easy to find on amazon. Also, the Immaculate Collection is being re-released on vinyl in June and that's blue.
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  20. Hats says hello....
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