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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Very exciting we're getting another single! Fingers crossed for an extended version and mixes again too
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  2. Great news re: a third single - Kandy Krush still gets a few spins on Radio 2 so hopefully they'll get behind the new one. For me, Birthday probably has the best shot at crossover appeal (and repeat play royalties in years to come) but I'd love for one of the slowies to be a single.
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  3. My choice would be Solstice. Shows a different side to the album and Kim's vocals are gorgeous.
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  4. I love all the tracks. I wouldn't be surprised if 1969 is a single next as all the interviews have jumped on the Alien story and it fits in with the name of the album.
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  5. I think it's good there's a few potential songs for the next single.

    I wonder what time she'll be on This Morning.
  6. Birthday is my favourite track on the album and she has spoke of it being popular at gigs. My friend text me to say she was in This Morning but I didn't see it.
  7. Yeah, Birthday confirmed as the next single.

    They didn't show a video clip but she mentioned it was a collage of live performances from her recent tour.

    Annoyingly, they kept saying it was her first album in 22 years... Why can't people do proper research?

    They asked about the Alien thing - same story she always tells.

    That was it, really. She did mention a few times about the single and that she was doing various summer shows so it's a little promo for her if nothing else.
  8. Happy with this, Birthday is one of my favourite uptempos on the album. I love that we are getting new Kim Wilde singles with videos and remix EPs in this day and age!
  9. I hope we get a re-release, as she did with the Christmas album, somewhere down the line. It would be nice to have some extra songs, the remixes and maybe a DVD of videos all packaged together.
  10. Was the tour filmed? That would have made a great addition to a re-release.
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  11. Listened to a Million Miles Away a little while ago and it confirmed that it's Top 5 Kim for me.
  12. It took me a few years, but I have finally seen the light (of the moon); Million Miles Away is superb.
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  13. Million Miles Away is my favourite Kim song, gutted she didn't do it on tour
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  14. I had avoided spoilers so was secretly hoping and praying for Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) on tour!

    The great thing is that she has so many singles that they could totally re-work the setlist if/when she tours again... Give us your Anti-Tour Dame Kim!
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  15. Birthday is a bit similar to the other singles, I would have changed the tempo as others have said. Yours Til The End would've done. Disappointing choice.
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  16. I just think they're really strong and could potentially be singles. They were great crowd pleasers too at the gig I went to.

    I missed This Morning and it's not on Catchup yet so need to find out what song it was.
  17. Just scroll up and read the thread..
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  18. Im assuming its because its because her last few albums never made to the UK? (and thank god because her cover of About You Now is... something).
  19. What fabulous taste! The video is rather simple, but i live for her lurking around that airfield in impossible glamour. Queen of aviation!
  20. Well her Christmas album was and also the other albums were available digitally in the end...
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