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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. "Someday" is absolutely amazing and the other songs you mentioned are the best songs on the album. I also love "It's Here" and "Time", although I thought they felt a little dated back when the album was released.

    Close is still a much stronger album, I don't think there is one bad/mediocre song there. On Love Moves there are a couple - especially "In Hollywood" which is not even B-side material.
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  2. How ironic that they actually used Someday as a b-side... In Hollywood is clearly among the weakest tracks on Love Moves, along with Who’s To Blame, but I think I might prefer it to Virtual World, at least. I was never too fond of World In Perfect Harmony either, to be honest. I found it a bit too naive and sugary for my tastes. There is a 7” version (mixed by Steve Anderson actually), but I can’t recall if that’s much different. Didn’t spot it on YouTube, but admittedly only took a quick look. (If anyone finds the right one, it would be great if it was posted!)

    I couldn’t agree more about It’s Here and Time being lovely but sounding dated, even cheap when they were released. They lacked both the finesse or punch evident on all Close tracks. It was actually strange, I wondered what happened after them getting it all so right on Close. I think they wanted to deepen the lyrics a bit, make it more self reflective and serious about the state of the world and all, but I’m not sure it worked so well. The biggest problem was the production of some songs. The ones I mentioned in the previous post got it right, but quite a few sounded way too thin and karaoke album in a way. Like Time was trying to be You Came, but just failed.

    Kim’s desire to be more self reflective was probably the reason they chose It’s Here over Can’t Get Enough, but that decision still baffles me. And after IH flopped, clearly it should’ve been CGE’s (Love Moves’ version of Never Trust A Stranger) turn to be released then and hope that it would do some damage control.

    At that stage it was actually pretty much the same situation it had been with Close in the beginning. As much as I liked Hey Mr Heartache and it’s beautiful verses, the chorus seemed a bit clumsy and repetitive when it came out, and I was pretty much sure it would flop. Which it more or less then did.

    So even then it could’ve all been lost with that wrong lead single, but thanks to You Came sounding like a true career defining smash from the first notes and Kim’s profile being high thanks to the Michael Jackson tour, YC managed to turn the odds and make Close and the following singles the success they deserved to be. (Except Love In The Natural Way, which I thought was also a wrong single choise.) Even Four Letter Word, which was nothing like Kim’s previous hits!

    In other words had they after It’s Here gone with CGE, which let’s face it was screaming ”hit single!” to anyone with half a brain, the tables might’ve been turned at least a bit. But maybe they thought You Came’s poor cousin Time would do the same as YC had done? They must’ve been crazy.

    I have no idea what they should’ve released as 3rd single though, had CGE been a hit. It was probably close to Christmas then, as I recall Love Moves came out late Spring, right? So maybe Someday could’ve been good, in Four Letter Word style. Imagine a video among snowy trees or something.
  3. I also love the remix of Can’t Get Enough. Sigh.

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  5. (Great post).

    I think some of the problem was MCA itself; both Nik Kershaw and Wendy James have said that the label took their eye off the ball around that time, due to their takeover of Geffen from Warners. Bad decisions were made.
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  6. Yep!
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  7. Even though I have listened to Love Moves hundreds of times I can never even remember what "Who’s To Blame" sounds like.
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  8. Thanks for confirming - makes me want to hear it in all it's glory even more now!
  9. Never heard this official remix of Heart Over Mind before:

    Still looking for the Try Again remix as I've never heard it.
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  10. The Close - Love Moves - Love Is trilogy is easily my favorite run of Kim albums. Though Another Step is right behind so technically the run of those four. I think the debut is excellent too. Those middle three albums are all solid, but aren't as "memorable".
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  11. Select not memorable?
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  12. I was just about to post the same, haha. I was actually thinking today how much The Wildes upped their game when going from the debut album to Select. It seems like such a huge jump when it comes to the songs and even production. Basically only Can You Come Over sounds like it could've come from the debut. The debut, in my opinion, has the stellar singles plus You'll Never Be So Wrong and Everything We Know, but most of the rest sounds a bit rushed.
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    It's great.
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  14. To me there is Kim Wilde the RAK Years and Kim Wilde MCA Years. I prefer the latter.
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  15. They are different as she evolved from New Wave in the early albums to almost SAW style hit songs of Close. However I can't say I prefer either RAK or MCA as my two fave albums are Select (RAK) and Teases & Dares (MCA). Close and Catch as Catch Can tie for 3rd.
  16. I’m the same. I do always recall the two eras when thinking about her albums, but when it comes down to it it’s always just about Kim and the quality of the songs on different albums.

    I mean it’s not a similar situation as for example Kylie’s PWL years compared with her other eras, no such obvious difference, even if the sound changed with the years. No matter RAK or MCA Kim always had the same song writing and production team behind her (with a couple of exceptions). And as we know even today it’s still Ricky & her behind the wheel. So it’s more about the evolution of Kim I too think about, not the companies.

    That said I never forget how Close was such a big success during the MCA years. But I also never forget how MCA screwed her single releases both on Love Moves and Love Is, lol. Don’t even let me get started on always wasting amazing tracks as b-sides! Loving You, Birthday Song, I’ve Found A Reason, Staying With My Baby...

    Oh well.
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  17. New update on the Deluxe Edition on Kim's Instagram!

    2 CDs, 2 new tracks, 3 new remixes and 3 live recordings.
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  18. I'm excited for the 2 new songs! I'm certain one of them will be the track we hear playing at the start of 1969.

    Less excited for the live tracks and remixes. A live DVD would have been preferred. Either way, I'll be happy to nap a copy of this next month.
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  19. I was hoping for more new songs but I'm glad we are getting some of the remixes on CD.

    After this I really hope she will release her 90s albums in expanded editions.
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  20. Hmm, 8 tracks does not really a whole CD make.
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