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Kim Wilde

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. My cat knocked the Kim Wilde box set off the shelf onto the floor last night. Thankfully there's no damage (that I can see)
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  2. Cats and Kim Wilde, clearly a link!
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  3. I’ve just listened to the disc 2 podcast (thanks again @backstreetjoe for another great in depth discussion), the one thing I want to say is thank you so much Kim for making sure Numinous got its place on the collection, why Ricky doesn’t appreciate this bop is beyond me and I’m so glad Kim loves it, what a lovely surprise to discover on this box set.
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  4. Cats as Cats Can.
  5. Kits in America.
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  6. I've played Disc I and the b-sides so far, onto Disc II now. It's really making me appreciate the singles that are on my lesser loved Kim albums. I swear I have never found Rage to Love and The Second Time so fantastic!

    And that single mix of Million Miles Away? PHEW.

  7. Currently watching this that was only uploaded just hours ago, and thought it would be rude not to link it on here quite frankly.
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  8. So very welcome.
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  9. Kim knows that cats are our alien overlords, who have come down to silently live amongst us, and the cats totally know she knows.
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  10. Been spending my Saturday enjoying the sun and drinking wine to Miss Wilde's music, and "World in perfect harmony" really hit it off with me today, a real bop!
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  11. Great song that.
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  12. Kim Wilde planning to revisit ‘lost’ ‘98 album ‘The Promise’

    Following the release of 'Now and Forever' in 1995, Kim recorded a new album before shelving the project, which remains unreleased.

    Kim Wilde has confirmed plans to revisit her ‘lost’ album from 1998. The singer recorded the follow-up to ‘95’s ‘Now and Forever’ but the LP was never released, after she stepped back from music to focus on starting a family.

    Celebrating the release of her ’Pop Don’t Stop: Greatest Hits’ box set, out now, Kim took part in a Q&A with fans and opened up on the unreleased music.

    When asked about the project, she confirmed: “Yes, it does still exist and there are many great songs on it.”

    “Will it see the light of day? Well, the album was called ‘The Promise’ and there was a beautiful song on it called The Promise, as well as several other songs.

    “I’m hoping that one day it will see the light of day,” confirmed Kim, adding, “There were many fantastic songs also written around the time we wrote the ‘Close’ album.

    “Lots of songs I wrote with Tony Swain, who also co-produced the ‘Close’ album with Ricky [Wilde, brother] and myself.

    “So, we are thinking of grabbing all of those lost gems and putting them together on some kind of format in the future.”


    OH. MY. GAWD.
  13. Sounds good.
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  14. Doesn't sound concrete but I would love for it to happen!
  15. Yeah it sounds like they would like to do it at some point, but it’s currently on the back burner. Exciting though if it does come off.
  16. Yeah. But if that's on the back burner, something even better must be on the front (one hopes).
  17. It’s because Scotland is a sales only chart and doesn’t include streaming, that’s why the oldies are always a lot higher on the Scottish chart.
  18. Ah, thanks for explaining. Should have guessed it'd be streaming skewing the numbers.
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  19. Absolute peak Kim during the Close era! Amazing
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