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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. This is rather lovely

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  2. Come Out and Play is super underrated so I'm glad it's getting a vinyl release and some extra loving.
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  3. Okay I instantly preordered Come Out and Play vinyl but when and where was this announced?
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  5. I got re-obsessed with Close the other week, now I need all the singles from that era.

    Also 'Stone' should've been a single and 'Love In the Natural Way' consigned to the Working Girl soundtrack because it sounds exactly like that Carly Simon song.
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  6. Close, remains one of the definitive 80s pop albums for me. So glad I have the 2013 re issue and more to the point, glad they did it in the first place.
  7. And I never think this about any of their acts, but glad Kim and Ricky avoided SAW.
  8. Close is a perfect pop album, a bona fide 10/10 moment that sails high above the majority of what other pop acts were delivering at the time. It was at the time compared to some of SAW's output, and quite unfairly I think, for as much as there are some quite brilliant SAW produced pop albums, Close explores depth and variety of theme and sound to a level way beyond anything SAW did (with the exception of Dead Or Alive's two albums with them), and it does so while remaining a fiercely cohesive, brilliantly sequenced, wonderfully engaging and stunningly presented set.

    Like I say, a rare thing in my book - a bona fide 10/10 pop album.
  9. And just how perfect is the album title and cover image? It’s simple, elegant, but also highly evocative - probably my all-time favourite album title. The cover image, meanwhile, is suitably moody, sultry, and mysterious. I wore out that cassette tape back in the day. An album I’ll not tire of.
  10. Close, feels like almost an Greatest Hits. All songs from it were single worthy one way or another in my view.
  11. Indeed - the whole era was stunning, cohesive, strong. All the talk of a potential Older super deluxe makes me wonder at the magnificence of a Close super deluxe:

    Close: Super Deluxe Edition
    Remastered vinyl LP (burgundy splatter vinyl if we must).
    Deluxe album on three CDs with everything from that era plus those unreleased Close era tracks.
    Replica CD's of the five hit singles.
    DVD of the vids and TV performances of the era.
    A 12x12'' Closer picture book.
    A selection of art prints.
    You Came large poster.

    I'm manifesting very hard right now.
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  12. I'm sold on this already! If only eh...
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  13. And please please include the Razormaid mix of Never Trust A Stranger
  14. The more mixes included, the better indeed.
  15. TMI!

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  16. Never heard this before. It's much better than the single version that the UK got.
  17. I'd imagine them giving Kim something like 'Nothing's gonna stop me now' which would have incredible.
  18. You could've given Kim Mandy Smith's songs and she would've turned them on her head.
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  19. Now I need to hear Kim's version of Positive Reaction.
  20. Kim would’ve killed it but let’s not rob Sam of her golden pop moment in the UK.
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