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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Oh absolutely. I I I wouldn't change a thing about that song!

    Kim could have smashed Kylie's 'Secrets' too rather than duff Sophie plus 20 backing singers Lawrence.
  2. This. It was refreshing (and exciting) to go through an artist’s hits collection and not have to endure the SAW hit factory sound (sorry guys, I know everyone worships SAW on here but that same beat gets tiresome after a while).
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  3. This is the most SAW Kim and Ricky ever got

    Even the video/her styling looks like the Rhythm of Love era.
  4. Her most Kylie-esque song by far!
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  5. You can really imagine Time on Rhythm of Love. Easily Top 5 Dame Kim for me.
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  6. You sure can. The Love Moves singles run is great, even It's Here, a song I've liked more lately.
  7. Love Moves was done dirty.

    And, even now, without a deluxe, it's still being done dirty!
  8. If they weren't going to release Can't Get Enough in the UK in its own right (the MCA fools), I always think they should have made it a double-A-side with I Can't Say Goodbye in December 1990. Then at least radio 1 might have then played Can't Get Enough and as it had a video, The Chart Show might have given it some exposure too.
  9. The live version of Wouldn't change a thing on the Golden tour is very 'Time' sounding.
  10. I bought Close based on the cover alone. I hadn't even heard one song yet. I was transfixed. It just looked like a pop classic even back in 1988. And what an album. One of my favourite pop albums of the '80s, up there with True Blue, Control, Self Control, She's So Unusual, Private Dancer...
  11. Sometimes I wonder if this will ever happen alas. A deluxe is most due.
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  12. I never loved the song back in 1988, 10/11 year old me was coming to terms with my sexuality and I naively at the time thought that the lyrics were saying how love between man and woman was 'natural' so what did that make love between two people of the same gender - I can see now as an adult that ten/eleven year old me was wrong however today I still think its the weakest single from Close.
  13. Hey Mr Heartache, is probably the middle single in terms of rankings from the Close run for me. I'd rank them as follows:
    1.You Came
    2.Love In A Natural Way
    3.Hey Mr Heartache
    4.Four Letter Word
    5.Never Trust A Stranger
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  14. 1. You Came
    2. Love In The Natural Way
    3. Four Letter Word
    4. Never Trust A Stranger
    5. Hey Mister Heartache (I will never understand why this was chosen as the lead single!)
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  15. 1. Never Trust A Stranger
    2. You came
    3. Hey Mister Heartache
    4. Four Letter Word
    5. Love In The Natural Way

    I love Hey Mister Heartache I was surprised it wasn't a big hit. I think the idea was as Another Step had been a big hit with Junior, they wanted Junior to kick off the new album.
  16. Odd how Junior isn't even in the music video, unless not available of course. Love his bits on the song.
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  17. This is the ranking. Granted I haven’t listened to “Four Letter Word” or “Love in the Natural Way” much to rank one above the other. But the Top 3 are set in stone.

    How “Never Trust A Stranger” (and “You Came” for that matter) was not a number one baffles me.
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  18. This is the correct ranking, I think we'll find:

    1. You Came
    1. Never Trust A Stranger
    1. Hey Mister Heartache
    1. Four Letter Word
    2. Love In The Natural Way
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  19. I would say

    1. Never Trust A Stranger
    2. Hey Mister Heartache
    3. You Came
    4. Love In The Natural Way
    5. Four Letter Word
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  20. 1. You Came
    2. Hey Mr Heartache
    3. Four Letter Word
    4. Never Trust A Stranger
    5. Love In The Natural Way
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