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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. The other 3 are pretty great but You came and Never trust a stranger are literally(a million) miles apart in quality from the rest. Both in Kim's all time top 3.
  2. I must admit, never enjoy Never Trust A Stranger, as much as the other singles. Far from terrible though of course.
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  3. 1 You Came
    2 Never Trust A Stranger
    3 Hey Mister Heartache
    4 Love In The Natural Way
    5 Four Letter Word

    I love the sheer lyrical drama of Never Trust A Stranger rivalled only by Sam Fox’s ‘I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night).
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  4. Never Trust A Stranger is just epic, the way it goes up again at the end and she just belts it out. Absolutely amazing track
  5. You Came
    Hey Mister Heart Ache
    Never Trust a Stranger
    Love In a Natural Way
    Four Letter Word

    Honestly a great run of singles and Hey Mister Heartache opening and introducing us to the pure boppery of the album is a moment.
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  6. In the video she also did the dancing-in-front-of-fire-while-wearing-a-little-black-dress before Madonna's Like A Prayer and Kylie's Better The Devil...
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  7. I have a huge soft spot for Hey Mister Heartache. Something about the way she sang it - always felt very melancholic, but in the best way. It’s also the first 12” mix that I properly fell in love with. I can listen to it on repeat for quite awhile.
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  8. I found this on YouTube today, quite by random. A shame French & Saunders didn’t parody Kim.

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  9. I think you’ll find the only correct ranking is…

    You Came
    Never Trust a Stranger
    Four Letter Word
    Love In A Natural Way
    Hey Mr Heartache

    I’m just starting to get into Close as I’ve always been a huge Kim singles fan but have never had any of her albums. For me Stone is the standout album track.
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  10. You'll Be The One (Who'll Lose) is one of the greatest mid-tempo songs ever.
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  11. The Close era also gave us Wotcha Gonna Do and Tell Me Where You Are. Gorgeous b sides.
  12. Wait, there's people on here ranking Never Trust a Stranger in last place?!
  13. You’ll Be the One Who’ll Lose is the best album track for me.
  14. Yep! Just my opinion of course, but still sticking by it.
  15. The Close singles are hard to rate because they're all so good. I remember Four Letter Word used to be my least favourite but over time, I've grown to love it. The singles are all so strong and distinct.
  16. For me the 3 ‘hit’ singles are way above the other 2.
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  17. If there were a Kim singles rate, I'd guess You Came and Never Trust A Stranger, would rank in the top 5 overall.
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  18. With Time at #3!
  19. Gotta make room for Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love in the top 5, or top 10 at least?
  20. The top 10, will be very hard to pick I think.
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