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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Kids, Came and stranger should be top 3. Knowing this forum it'll be This I swear, Rocking around the Christmas tree and A little respect.
  2. Kids In America , Cambodia and You Came for me.
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  3. I love This I Swear and I'm not ashamed!

    Probably Stranger, You Came and Cambodia for me.
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  4. What About You Keep Me Hanging On? I also love Another Step and The Second Time. Too many!
  5. She has so many tracks that would be in anyone else’s top 3. From non peak era Kim I adore ‘Real Life’ particularly.
  6. My Top 5 changed significantly after Pop Don’t Stop.

    1. Kids In America
    1. Keep Me Hanging On
    1. Never Trust A Stranger
    1. Child Come Away
    1. Cambodia

    1. Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love)
    1. Second Time
    3. Lights Down Low
    4. Kids in America
    4. Never Trust A Stranger

    However she has sooo many strong singles.
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  7. Someone should do a Kim singles rate, not a discography as there’s far too many of her songs as don’t know but a singles rate would be fab,
  8. I know it's kind of slight, but Maybe I'm Crazy is absolutely mega to me. A breeze of West End Girls and rush of On A Night Like This (go with me on that!) and Kim's gorgeous maneuvering in the sulky verses, which I wish were just a tad more unflinching to her poor fella (or else just someone she's not sharing her bulbs with at the gardening club). For example, I wish she sang "it's not mean to act this way" rather than "it's not me" as I always think "speak for yourself Kim". Anyway, what a catalogue and that it's somewhat ignored just makes it all the more previous and genuinely riveting to boot. When I hear Ladyhawke's It's Magic or Girls Aloud's Wake Me Up I always think surely that's Kim's influence. Even the later dat Lights Dosn Low serves a vintage lightning bolt and Real Life (yes it's her Human) offers remarkable beauty to rival her very best. And as corny as it may be, Pop Don't Stop is absolutely glorious. May she long continue. I'm not sure if I'll see her in Glasgow as I'd be going myself I think, but what's making me wrestle with this decision is that she's absolutely worth it.
  9. Seriously, all I wanted to post about was Maybe I'm Crazy. I'm so sorry.
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  10. I really hope this happens at somepoint.
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  11. Yes to this...the trouble I would have not giving 10's to almost every single!
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  12. You know what else I hope happens? A Kim Wilde jukebox musical. She deserves that recognition.
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  13. Pop Don’t Stop really did open up the doors to discovering a lot of great underrated singles, Heart Over Mind has become a standout for me as well as some of those 2000s singles like Together We Belong and Lights Down Low.
  14. Pop Don't Stop-what an set!
  15. Pop Don't Stop really did give some of the lesser known singles their moment to shine. I actually prefer Disc 3 to Disc 2 (Dancing In The Dark, The Touch, Schoolgirl, It's Here, World In Perfect Harmony, In My Life, Shame, Heaven - all amazing!)
  16. Yes, Disc 3 is a delight.
  17. The only thing that annoys me about Disc 3 is that it’s sequence is very much “and the rest”. I would’ve preferred it also being not chronological.

    The non-singles on the main two discs annoy me since Disc 3 has some serious bangers.
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  18. Yes, why were A Little Respect and It's Alright on Disc 2 when some real Kim classics were left for Disc 3 which not everyone would have if they didn't buy the 5CD Collector's Edition. I just made my own definitive edition in iTunes, mixing the best of all 4 CDs on one epic playlist.
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  19. I think the idea was the mix eras up. Like a playlist on shuffle rather than something too chronological or all the hits lumped together.
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  20. Disc 1 works amazingly well with the sequencing in this respect. I love that tracks like Million Miles Away, Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) and Time stand head and shoulders with her big hits.
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