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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Yes, Disc 1 is pretty solid sequencing but Disc 2 leaves a lot to be desired, at least for me. I would’ve even swapped out a few of the singles included on disc 2 for some from disc 3.
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  2. It's Here deserved a place on disc 1.
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  3. Above I Can’t Say Goodbye, as much as I like that track It’s Here deserved the place more
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  4. It's Here is just glorious, always really liked it.
  5. Yes, shows how truly strong those songs were and remain so, despite their chart positions or lack of in some cases.
  6. Can anyone postulate as to why Kim wasn’t really a chart topper? I was surprised to find out how few of her pre-90s singles went Top 10 in the UK. The quality is there.
  7. I don't know the full extent, but I've heard there was generally a movement in the early 90s where the 80s was suddenly uncool, so a lot of 80s acts suffered lower chart success from this. So I'm guessing Kim was a victim of this, I find it bizarre how successful the Close era was then Love Moves suddenly she can't seem to get a top 40 single. If I Can't Have You was honestly such a blessing.
  8. We were idiots.
  9. I don't think having a triple whammy of 'miserable lyrics' singles helped her much!

    Cambodia (Vietnam soldier disappeared into thin air)
    View from a bridge (suicide)
    Child come away (child abuse)

    I guess after that her image and music was softened but it took the GP a while to adjust to her again.
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  10. Misogyny and sexism.
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  11. The early 90s were just cruel at times to many an big 80s acts alas it would appear.
  12. UK female solo pop just wasn't in fashion between 1983 and about 1986. Nobody from the early 80s survived it (Clare Grogan, Debbie Harry, Theresa Bazar, you name it).
  13. If you look at Kim's chart positions it's really quite remarkable that she was able to have her big 1986 comeback and begin her late 80s imperial phase after flopping in the singles chart on and off since 1982.
  14. Yes, at least she had those I suppose in hindsight.
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  15. Sound the emergency cover version klaxon! She hadn't done a cover prior to 'You keep me hanging on' so when she did, she did so with style!
  16. The UK have never been particularly loyal to their homegrown female acts. Can't think of any other than perhaps Kate Bush who've had consistent success. Even she had a couple of flops.
  17. Kim was the most–charted solo female of the eighties though.
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  18. Easily one of the best cover versions of all time. She owned it.
  19. And she got a Billboard Hot 100 number 1 hit with it, not an easy feat.
  20. One of the few British female solo acts ever to do so too.
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