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Kim Wilde

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. A tactic she successfully deployed again with If I Can't Have You!
  2. Yep, once again, another excellent cover choice that she nailed and truly suited her.
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  3. Yes, by early 1983 Kate Bush was starting down the (pop chart) dumper. A #48 followed by a #76.
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  4. There went more than a tenner going down the drain there then.
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  5. Thank you for bringing this bop into my life! I've played it 3 times today and it's already one of my favourite Dame Kim songs. I totally get the West End Girls meets On A Night Like This comparisons, and that middle 8 is one of the best of her career. For anyone who hasn't heard it, it's well worth checking out

    I love that there's always more to discover with Kim.
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  6. Can't Get Enough (Of Her Catalogue).
  7. And the post-middle 8 re-charge giving it one more plunge of pop no less.

    You've totally confirmed that the upcoming Kim Wilde Rate needs to be an every track monster event. It will be the highlight of the season of course - a thousand likes to the host in advance.
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  8. Hope this Kin Wilde rate we all want, ends up happening at some point...
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  9. Might it be worth asking if @simes1970 would be interested in hosting a Kim Wilde singles rate? He has done rates for other 80s acts such as Duran Duran, Dollar, Five Star and Bucks Fizz.

    I'd love a Kim rate, the last rate I was interested in on here ended in December last year.

    Justice for Time!
  10. Justice for Kim Wilde full stop-such an underrated discography!
  11. So I made a chronological singles playlist using all 3 discs from Pop Don’t Stop, and it truly is an amazing journey.
  12. Quite an listen that am sure-she has so many excellent singles.
  13. Just a reminder that those of you who like dancey/housey Kim, the remix duet with Bunny X is out on Friday and it's sensational!
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  14. Thanks, shall keep an eye out!
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  15. Unpopular opinion on here, but I thought Love Moves was hugely disappointing after Close. I remember an interview with Kim for Love Is where she said they got complacent after the success of Close. Hence the involvement of Rick Nowels et al.
  16. Not sure if complacency is the right word but it’s certainly fair to say Close raised the bar and Love Moves, with the exception of a few songs, didn’t quite meet heightened expectations.
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  17. Will say that Rick Nowels and Kim, made a great fit. Love Is Holy, is especially one of her strongest ever singles/moments full stop.
  18. I guess Love Moves does feel like a Close Part 2 but I do low-key prefer it as an album, Time has become such an anthem for me since discovering it a few years ago.
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  19. Time is indeed an anthem! Never tire of it. Wish Love Moves, could be finally be reissued to get the extended mix of it.
  20. Yeah I think I was a bit disappointed with Love Moves at the time of release. Apart from Can't Get Enough, I couldn't really here any hits on it. I personally wasn't a fan of the production either. A lot of the songs had that same sounding intro with that cheap keyboard sound which I felt let some of the songs down.

    Having said all that, years later, I do have great affection for the album and appreciate it a lot more. I love It's Here and wish it had been the hit it deserved to be.
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