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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I was so fickle as a kid just abandoning a lot of acts at the drop of the hat. I loved and bought Close but didn’t even give the follow up a second thought as I’d moved on to jangly indiepop by then. Of course I’d love to have a Love Moves reissue now but back then 18-24 months was a lifetime in pop for a young teen.
  2. Thanks for the ask idratherjack. I am doing a Duran Duran one at present and had thought of asking to do OMD next, but I will throw it over to the popjustice users, please leave a message on the Duran rate if you are interested in a Kim Wilde UK Singles Rate plus a few select other worldwide singles and I shall decide from there.
  3. I was listening to Here Come the Aliens through my phone earlier and for some reason, it had interpreted track one to be titled: Poo Don't Stop.

    My mind went to some unwelcome places until I realised what song it was.
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  4. I bet you were wishing for the days when you'd just go for the second time.
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  5. cos suddenly…
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  6. Poo? Not a Four Letter Word?
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  7. This has dropped early on Bandcamp! Full release on Friday
  8. This is right up my street!


    Kim sounds amazing. Love it!
  9. I finally heard the album version of “Addicted To You” and I don’t like it. It lacks something I can’t quite put my finger on compared to the original. So glad she put the original on Pop Don't Stop.
  10. What a delicious bop this is!
  11. I'd love a whole album from Kim in this electropop vein. That sound fits her like a glove.
  12. @backstreetjoe What in the Lanananeeneenoonoo is going on in this remix?
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  13. I'm obsessed with it.
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  14. Was it Ricky's idea to add the F&S clip?
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  15. Oh my fucking god I’m OBSESSED!

    “SHUT UP KIM.”
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  16. The dreamy fantasia of it all. Can they please tweak the already perfect Birthday Song into something similar?
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