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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. All of these I too would so love to see in their live glory! True pop gems and rank very highly in my Kim Wilde singles rankings alot of these.
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  2. Kim is on Good Morning Britain in a few mins ...
  3. She looked great. I know it maybe wrong to say but she looks like she has lost some weight and is looking good on it.

    Not any new info but I guess its just to remind people to buy tickets for the tour.

    Will be interesting to see if the set list in September is similar to ones in France earlier this year which had Can't Get Enough, The Touch, A Million Miles Away.
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  4. Yes to all three of those on the tour!
  5. ^Fingers crossed those will be included then!
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  6. Yeah A Million Miles Away will be about the first song i've heard her play live from the 'Love Is' album. Can't remember Love is Holy being played much over the last 10 years. Would be great to hear Who Do You Think You Are? but being the flop it is, I don't think its likely. Hopefully the 'anti tour' will happen one day so its included.
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  7. Anyone going to 80s Classical in Leeds on Friday? I've heard Kim's arrangements and they are incredible
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  8. An Kim Wilde Anti Tour, has to be a must one day, surely??
  9. I keep chipping away!
  10. Glad to heat that! Hopefully the message will get through.
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  11. A Kim Wilde anti tour has to happen purely so I can hear this live

    Only heard it for the first time a few months ago and it's already Top 10 Dame Kim for me, so good.
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  12. Excellent. to sell tickets she probably would have to do a mini-hits set at the end to please any casuals and just to end the show on a high but if the main bulk was lesser none singles and album tracks and the odd b-side, it would be amazing. I guess it may not be a massive money maker compared to a hits tour but a small group of shows for something similar to an anti-tour would be great.
  13. I would be carried out in a stretcher if she performed that.
  14. Surely, if she did an anti-tour type thing, it would have to be more of a one-off type show than an actual tour. I just don't think it would be profitable to make it worthwhile as more than 1 or 2 shows at most.
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  15. Sorry, but you have to catch her on the train, crack open a bottle and then she'll do it right there for free.
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  16. Sing loved!!!

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  17. And also Sing It Out for Love. Oh my gosh, I'd be crying on public transport, just like the good old days after a good night out.
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  18. I would need:

    Take me Tonight
    Chaos at the Airport
    Just a Feeling
    Plus some of her amazing B sides such as Birthday Song , Lovers on a Beach and Virtual World
  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I listened to Close for the first time. What a great little album!
  20. Close has one of the all time great singles runs for me, listening to it now it's almost like a greatest hits.
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