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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. What a rush those peaks are. Stone is an album a track. An. Album. Track. The dust still hasn't settled on that song for me.
  2. Nor me. I remember buying the 7” of You Came and being amazed by how good the B Side was
  3. Close is 10/10 pop perfection. Nothing on that album / era (including sequencing, artwork, videos, remixes, b-sides) is anything less than brilliant. I know we've had the deluxe reissue, but this set is deserving of super-deluxe treatment (including an era-faithful 12" version of the utterly magnificent Stone).
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I love how Never Trust a Stranger is basically Dead or Alive meets Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now.
  5. I-


    the accuracy?

    shook I never clocked
  6. Stone and European Soul are 11s.
  7. ...and as per, everytime Close gets a mention here, it gets a dusting off here and I'm bopping again for an hour.

    Practically Pavlovian.
  8. Special mention to the iconic artwork.
  9. Close, really is as about as near perfect pop gets.
  10. The UK True Blue tbh
  11. Hope Close finally gets a vinyl re issue at some point!
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  12. You can find the original easily and cheap.
  13. Oh I know, which is cool, but good to have a brand new pristine re issue all the same.
  14. So I finally caved and bought a Kim W. album and it’s Teases & Dares which I am now fully in love with.

    So, naturally I should go buy the 2020 remasters of the first three but should I hunt down the 2010 remaster of Another Step and the 25th Anniversary Edition of Close or wait?
  15. You should probably get them now before they get expensive and hard to find. There Isn’t a whiff of either being reissued again.
  16. I just wish and want Kim's 90s albums to be finally remastered and re issued!!
  17. If you don't have any of the Kim reissues/deluxes, I'd definitely agree that it's best to just get 'em while you can.

    So many times when I look at my collection, I see things which I thought I was dumb to buy straight away on release but am now very pleased I did.
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  18. Even though cherry red did reissue teases and dares and another step over a decade ago now, I can only assume that was a one off deal with another label, otherwise cherry red would have reissued those in the same fashion as the recent RAK albums.

    I personally think cherry red did a great job in the presentation and material offered in the recent RAK remasters that I would love the same treatment for all her MCA albums. Seriously would be a dream. I imagine it's unlikely but cherry red must be aware of the demand as they have reissued the rak vinyl twice now and they have sold out both times.
  19. Couldn't agree more especially Stone.
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  20. Love's a No is such a yes. The album has it all.
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