Kim Wilde

Close is 10/10 pop perfection. Nothing on that album / era (including sequencing, artwork, videos, remixes, b-sides) is anything less than brilliant. I know we've had the deluxe reissue, but this set is deserving of super-deluxe treatment (including an era-faithful 12" version of the utterly magnificent Stone).
If you don't have any of the Kim reissues/deluxes, I'd definitely agree that it's best to just get 'em while you can.

So many times when I look at my collection, I see things which I thought I was dumb to buy straight away on release but am now very pleased I did.
Even though cherry red did reissue teases and dares and another step over a decade ago now, I can only assume that was a one off deal with another label, otherwise cherry red would have reissued those in the same fashion as the recent RAK albums.

I personally think cherry red did a great job in the presentation and material offered in the recent RAK remasters that I would love the same treatment for all her MCA albums. Seriously would be a dream. I imagine it's unlikely but cherry red must be aware of the demand as they have reissued the rak vinyl twice now and they have sold out both times.