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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Even the B-sides are amazing

    What. An. Era.
  2. Let's face it, Close is just genius. Her all time masterpiece.
  3. Semi surprised nothing has been (re)released in time for her latest tour. The rest of her MCA albums are crying out for a box set release. I particularly want a ''Love Is'' deluxe, damn it!
  4. I need a Love Moves deluxe reissue, it's my second favourite album after Close.
  5. Kim is on Loose Women in a minute talking about the tour.
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  6. Love Moves is definitely an album that could do with remastering to give it a it more of a beefier sound. I find it a bit toppy and needs to be a bit more bottomy for my tastes.
  7. *inevitable Lananeeneenoonoo joke incoming*
  8. The Love Moves singles run, is quite underrated I think. Has Time included in it after all.
  9. Honestly, I only love “Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love)” of the singles and don’t care for the others but I absolutely want a reissue for the various versions of that song alone.
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  10. Have had that one stuck in my head on and off past couple of days, great, great track.
  11. I was just bopping out to It’s Here with my car window down in the sunshine today. Deserved to be a top 40 hit.

    Time is also top tier Kim.
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  12. It's Here, really does suit the sun so well. Lovely song.
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  13. I still can’t believe it wasn’t released in the UK?!? The brain worms…
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  14. I know, don't know why this proved to be the case at all.
  15. Can only imagine Time absolutely bombing put an end to the idea. Can only imagine I Can't Say Goodbye was a last minute decision as a Christmas single 5 months of Time.

    Although it's not great I wonder if the Sanjazz megamix (if it had turned out well) may have been something they were going to use for the proposed,then scrapped hits compilation.

    Although Love Moves is nowhere near the quality of Close, I do love It's Here, Send him back, Hollywood, time and can't get enough.
  16. Someday is one of the best things she has ever done. I've almost came to expect every album to have it's own similar moment of quiet beauty. She really has the knack for it.
  17. Love Someday too. Both Love Moves and Love Is albums are hugely underrated. Both deserve to be celebrated and reissued in all their glory.
  18. Another Someday worshipper here! Along with Can’t Get Enough it was instantly my biggest favourite from the album, and still is. Kim does sad, even desperate and tragic ballads (or midtempos) SO well, and hasn’t gotten nearly enough credit for them, I think. Kim’s voice may not be the strongest or most trained in the world, but there’s something, maybe a certain vulnerability in her voice which really makes you believe the lyrics she’s singing. This is especially evident on the more melancholy or moody songs. I don’t mean to throw shade on anyone, but Kim’s voice has touched me so much more on so many songs than most technically flawless powerhouse vocalists ever have.

    Someday, Birthday Song & Staying With My Baby are my holy trinity (the in my opinion best songs of those album eras all wasted as B-sides and all not even on the album, sigh). Closely followed by Don’t Say Nothing’s Changed, Fit In, Love’s A No, Missing, How Do You Want My Love, She Hasn’t Got Time For You, Lucky Guy, You’ll Never Be So Wrong, Wendy Sadd, Too Late, Tell Me Where You Are, Brothers…

    A special mention goes to the whole B-side of Another Step the album, or the last five tracks to be exact. Of course I love even Say You Really Want Me, but those five moody ballads were and are just perfection in my books, as you can see from that list of mine. Even if I adored You Keep Me Hangin’ On and Another Step the song, I found the rest of the album’s side A quite disappointing with some rather throwaway rockier tracks. So I recall being especially blown out when I found out what was waiting on the flip side! Thinking about it now the only thing which could’ve made it even better was if they had moved Say You Really Want Me to side A, where it was really needed, and replaced it with the wonderful Loving You (another gem wasted as a b-side!). Ahhhh.
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