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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Do we think the tour will be postponed next week? Chic have just cancelled their UK tour out of respect.
  2. I sincerely hope not, we've waited years for this concert as it is. I'm meant to be going on Tuesday and have been really looking forward to it so it would be gutting for it to be pulled now. Maybe @backstreetjoe can confirm?
  3. First night is going ahead in Gateshead today.
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  4. I don't want this to come across as disrespectful but I don't understand how cancelling a show/tour (potentially meaning people traveling to said show/staying overnight somewhere etc. and therefore losing money) is respectful?

    Surely it would more respectful to keep the gig in place and have something before or during dedicated to that event that everyone can be part of. I don't know. I don't want to sound insensitive. I'm not a royalist and whilst I understand the death is quite a moment in our history I don't believe everything should come to a standstill, be cancelled or pushed back as a result.

    Happy that it sounds as if Kim's planned gigs are to still go ahead anyway.
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  5. Great news! Hope everyone who is going tonight has a brilliant time.

    Checking out of the thread now until after I've been on Tuesday to avoid spoilers so I can be surprised when she sings Time/Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love)/Million Miles Away - hey, a boy can dream!
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  6. Chic’s tour date was 21st September too, past the 10 days of mourning.
    I completely agree, walking down Oxford Circus yesterday and every shop was open and it was still busy, so I don’t understand why gigs should be cancelled either, usually artists acknowledge someone during the show as a tribute.
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  7. I can't see a need to cancel gigs either... people can choose not to go if they wish.
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  8. Went to the Newcastle show last night. The M&G was a very small turnout. Kim was lovely but seemed nervous. She sat at a table and signed a poster and lanyard and then a picture was taken with her. Like a lot of modern meet and greets you were a distance to her. Which is fine. Unfortunately she wore massive black shades the entire time which was disappointing.
    Prior to the meet we were told we’d then get the opportunity to sit and ask her questions but that didn’t happen. She simply thanked us for coming then said bye.

    The show itself was very interesting! Quite a few surprises in the setlist. Almost a bit of an anti tour. Surprising that she seemed to forget the lyrics to You Keep Me Hanging On Though. That’s how it appeared to me and the people i was with.
  9. Looking forward to Tuesday gotta say!!
  10. I can’t believe how much the Little Pearls are slacking, where’s the set list?
  11. Second request for the set list!

    Also what time did she come on? Just so I know for Wednesday.
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  12. bad fan alert but despite only being at the show last night, i cannot remember the setlist! Only the songs that i was surprised by. As well as the opening which was…
    Rage To Love

    And she came on just after 8:30pm which was really surprising!

    Also, i’m always taken back that she leans into this rock chick aesthetic whilst doing so many synth heavy songs. I wish she’d camp it up some more. She knows she has some stereotypical gay fans like myself. right?
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  13. Just back from the Liverpool show. I was right near the front and a lot of the people there were sat down for most of it til the big hitters. I had a fab night some lovely surprises. A couple of extra songs I would have loved to hear like Love Blonde and It's here but hey you can't have everything. Fab otherwise and chocca block with hits.
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  14. She did It’s Here in Newcastle!
  15. Are you sure about that?
  16. No, apologies. I was mistaken. Got confused with something else. The surprise was Love Is Holy and despite them sounding completely different i often mix up the two!
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  17. Lead singles from her 90s albums.
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  18. Love is holy...don't forget it!
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