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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Had an absolutely amazing time last night. I was second row in the stalls so had a brilliant view, Kim looked incredible. I was glad I avoided the setlist beforehand so I was thrilled when she launched into Million Miles Away AND Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love), I thought we might get one or the other but not both!

    I loved The Touch going into The Second Time as well, it was so nice to see her showcase some of her more forgotten yet brilliant singles. If I Can't Have You was great too and seemed to get the crowd warmed up.

    My highlight was the run of Love Is Holy/Love In The Natural Way/Four Letter Word where Kim's vocals were out of this world. Never in a million years did I think we would get Love In The Natural Way which has always been my second favourite single from Close after You Came so it was really special to hear it live.

    The only song I missed was Another Step which I'd have had in place of Perfect Girl but that's a minor quibble. All in all it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to, the setlist really was a Kim Wilde fan's dream.
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  2. Glad you had a great time and thanks for the review. Will look forward to going to the Bournemouth gig in over a weeks time.

    Surprised she did not sing Another Step as I assume she will be singing that with Junior at the final London show who she has just recently got back in contact with (maybe she might ask him to also sing his backing vocals for a live performance of Hey Mister Heartache too).
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  3. Yes, Another Step was the only glaring omission for me last night. Kim did say they are hoping to do an anti tour next year so maybe they are saving the likes of Hey Mister Heartache, Say You Really Want Me, Time and It's Here for that.

    Would be good if she did get Junior to join her in London for the last show!
  4. I too was at the show last night and it was indeed, excellent! Kim truly has still got it in all ways. A nice run through of her career and something for fans of all eras too. My favourite section, was as well the ballad section, made for a nice breather and also showcased her strong vocals and also 3 very underrated Kim singles too. Great night!
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  5. oh that's good to hear. I thought the Anti-tour was just an idea rather than a plan. Didn't think they would actually go through it with it. Hope it happens but might be a harder sell to fans who understandably want to hear just the hits.

    Would have to be smaller venues as its no fun being at a gig wanting to hear the rarities whilst the rest of the crowd look bored waiting to year You Came or Kids.
  6. The concert, also made know for certain, that Cambodia (another highlight), is by far my favourite early years Kim song!
  7. Cambodia sounded epic live, as did View From A Bridge which is my favourite RAK era single.
  8. Both of which in my view, are tons better than Kids In America. NOT sorry, just my own entitled too opinion.
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  9. I know it's iconic and she is always going to close with it but Kids In America has never been a huge favourite of mine either so no need to apologise!

    I can't wait to recreate the whole setlist in my iTunes tonight! It all just flowed so well.

    Is there any chance of this concert being released on DVD/Blu ray? Maybe they might be filming the London show?
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  10. A DVD of this, would certainly be most welcome-such a shame that most concerts are never filmed these days for release. RIP tour DVDs I suppose.
  11. An anti tour has to happen so we can hear this live

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  12. Anyone seeing Kimmy tonight in Northampton?
  13. I am! Really looking forward to it.
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  14. I’m going to London in just over a week.
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  15. Fingers crossed she won’t change the setlist for the European shows
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  16. Ah wish I'd known! Wasn't she great.
  17. So good! Unbelievably, it was my first time seeing her do a headline show and I was absolutely blown away. I was impressed by how strong her voice was... and her band had so much energy. I'll definitely be back for the next tour.

    I went to the meet and greet before the show, which I was a bit anxious about, as they can be a bit impersonal and rushed, but it was a really positive experience overall. Kim was really friendly and seemed interested in what people had to say (as well as being keen to find some good lighting for the photos!) I told her that I'd seen her at Hoopla earlier in the year and she said how much they'd enjoyed playing there.
  18. During Meet & Greet someone asked for Love Moves and Love Is reissues ?
  19. She is absolutely killer performing VFAB live. Electric isn't even the word.
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  20. The rapture will happen when she does this. I don't think even she'll be ready for the reaction!
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