Kim Wilde

Saw Kim at Bournemouth last night. She was fantastic as expected. My only gripe was that for most of it we were forced to sit in our seat and were asked to sit down. Was only when Cambodia started that enough people got up to ignore the policy. It just feels a bit insulting to the band to sit in your seat and politely applaud when they are belting out the second time.

Tempted to get a last minute ticket for London though to see Kim sing another step with junior.
I kept waiting for Another Step and the more it went on the more I wondered where it was. By the time we got to You Keep Me Hangin' On and You Came I knew it wasn't coming! Luckily I did see it live on the Aliens tour where it was the highlight of the show for me.

Hope she does bring Junior out to sing it in London!
Yeah think she came on 8:45pm when I saw at Bournemouth so imagine it would be the same for tonight. Hoping everyone will be standing up and dancing from the off!
Some proper lost singles! Absolutely loved it last night. Bit of a shame there wasn’t something from every era but it’s such a minor point (probably more relevant to me as a completist) and didn’t detract at all from the set list. Bring on the Anti Tour, where we can get stuff from Now & Forever.

Kim and the band looked like they were having the time of their lives by the time they launched into Pop Muzik and come the encore everything just went off.

My mate, who until yesterday had never even heard Cambodia and You Came (yes, he was alive in the eighties) had a great time. Think we might’ve converted him to the Wilde side.
Was a treat to see Kim and Junior perform Another Step together on stage. The Second Time is just amazing live and I still get baffled why that wasn't a top 10 in the UK. Just sounds massive live.

The whole band were in top form and the sound in the venue was fantastic too. Again, you could tell everyone wanted to get up and dance but it took Kim telling them too, for it to happen. Having said that the audience were on top form and you could tell Kim was loving it, shaking everyone's hand in the front row at the end. Chequered Love live also just goes off with so much energy and is perfect near the end of the set.

If they go for an Anti-tour, definitely needs to happen in smaller/standing venues for the atmosphere. I think if she played too many unknown classics to a casual fanbase in theatres, it probably wouldn't work.
My first Kim single and one of my ninth birthday presents. Such a bop.