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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. The singles run before The Second time had quite a few flops so she was kind of struggling with a low profile. The second time and the teases...era prepped her for the Another Step era though.
  2. It seems like she was musically all over the shop from 83-86 and was mostly a stranger to the top twenty until resorting to that cover and going full out pop in 87.
  3. And thank goodness she did, or she'd have been another Toyah or Hazel O'Connor. I love Kim's pure pop of Another Step and Close and that she understood that was what required to adapt to the changing pop landscape. Three Top 10 singles in 1988 speak for themselves.
  4. Here here, Kim and late 80s pop, were a great fit.
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  5. I made a Kim Wilde Singles 86-96 playlist from You Keep Me Hangin' On to Shame and seriously, what an amazing discography. One of the best of any popstar. I always feel she is underrated but what a body of work she has.

    @backstreetjoe any news on that unreleased 90s dance album that she mentioned possibly releasing a year or two back? I just want more Dame Kim pop goodness in my life!
  6. No news but I will ask when I next see her. I believe it was to be called The Promise.
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  7. Please do! Do you know what year it was from and if it was a dance album? Kim sounds great on Loved so something in that vein would be awesome.
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  8. Snap. My first 7" single I bought (along with The Slightest Touch by Five Star) I was 10.
  9. The London Palladium gig was such a good night. I had a seat near the end of an aisle, so kept getting told by staff not to do any video recording whereas I saw tons of people doing it from mid-aisle seats. I did manage to record a couple of mins of Another Step, I posted to Instagram stories and Junior re-shared on his stories.

    What a fantastic setlist. Loved hearing The Touch live too for the first time. The only song I would have loved to have heard that wasn't played was Hey Mister Heartache, especially as Junior was right there.

    Do we know if a song was cut from the setlist to make room for Another Step?
  10. Yes, Hey Mister Heartache would’ve been perfect with Junior there. I was hoping too!
  11. I think my other birthday singles that year from memory were Lean On Me Club Nouveau and Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now Starship.

    I would have bought The Slightest Touch myself a few weeks earlier in the first week or two of release. I remember deciding to wait for Christmas that year to get Somewhere Somebody and just waiting 2-3 weeks was killing me, never again.
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  12. Add me to the list of 9 year olds who's first kim single purchase was another step.
    The song was an addition to the palladium set list so nothing was cut thankfully.
  13. I still think this is one of Kim's most underrated singles.
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  14. Hey Mister Heartache was missing, I love that record. Junior was there too so I was hopeful
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  15. I’m a little behind in the TOTP reruns but doing some watching today and wow Dame Kim looked stunning during this promo for If I Can’t Have You! Shame she was made to balance on her Nans coffee table for the whole performance but sounded great too! I always felt this cover should’ve been bigger - it was always a favourite of mine. That and This Is It by Dannii the same month was a joy!
  16. I lived in Australia for a year when this was out and it was huge there. The video seemed to play on a loop in all the Gold Coast nightclubs!
  17. The pure pop sound definitely suited Dame Kim. And that kinda sound certainly was having a bit of a renaissance in the UK as ‘93 progressed. I was too young to club but I’m sure I danced around my bedroom to the track ha ha
  18. Kim's version of If I Can't Have You, is excellent and truly one of her best singles.
  19. If I Can't Have You is great and Kim looked fabulous performing it on Top of the Pops. It was so nice to see her back on TOTP, so nice I watched the episode twice!

    I always loved the other new song on the 1993 greatest hits (not the West End 7" mix which ruins a great song) and thought it should have smashed

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