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Kim Wilde

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I really like it !
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  2. An Kim remix album, would be most welcome I think.
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  3. Kim Wilde song Loved is my new obsession
  4. Loved should have been her big comeback song, its great.
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  5. I'd have loved a whole album of Loved's from Kim in 2001, her voice suits that dance/pop style so well and there is so little of it in her discography.
  6. At least it gave her a big hit in Belgium!
  7. Just got my Apple Replay 2022 and Kim Wilde is my most played artist of the year! She has two entries in my Top 10 most played songs with Maybe I'm Crazy at #3 and Love In The Natural Way at #6 - the taste jumped out!
  8. At last, Love In The Natural Way, makes an top 10 chart, where it truly belongs!

  9. I always thought You Came sounded very PWL, now it really does! Very Dame Kim meets This Time I Know It's For Real.
  10. Ace, I love this!!! Thanks for sharing.
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  11. I saw her tweet about this last night. Seems to be amicable though.
  12. “They met while appearing in a rock opera and tied the knit within six months”


    Any of you old enough to be into Kim Wilde the first time will get the joke.

    Seriously, though, I used to hang out with Kim and Hal in 1995 when they were in Tommy and they are both very lovely people. Wish them all the best.
  13. Give us a divorce album queen.
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  14. Not if MDNA is an indication of the quality to expect!
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  15. Unrelated!
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  16. I know. I’ve just realised that Hard Candy was the divorce album! Can’t believe I’ve been a Madonna fan since 1985 and made that error. Very embarrassed!
  17. Finally got Pop Don't Stop - The Greatest Hits (Requested Christmas pressie) and having a listen with
    some Red Vino ... she did release some bloody great pop songs didn't she?
    Disc 1 is definitely better then Disc 2 but overall it's fab.
    Starting off with The Second Time is a little strange but yet feels almost right, it's amazing.
    Viva La Kim!
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