Kim Wilde

Well done on bagging one - I gave up after a few hours of searching and wasn't prepared to pay double and triple (and in a few cases, £400 plus (!!!)) for an LP that costs £45. At least they're on CD so all is not lost.
Yeah the secondary prices for the few copies I saw were just silly! I was lucky to grab a copy for 29 USD. I love the CD and really wanted the vinyl as well for the collection. I hope you will come across a copy in the future.
I just got row D tickets for London. Can't wait to see Kim live doing the Close album. I've only seen her live once many years ago at a Xmas show but I was so drunk I barely remember it other than knowing I had a great time so looking forward to this very much (and I'll be sober this time).

Aside from the singles I've always adored You'll Be The One Who'll Lose, European Soul and (of course) Stone!
I decided against Meet & Greet as I did it on the last tour. She is absolutely lovely but just can't justify the extra cost. So went for row D in London. Don't think i've ever been to the 02 Indigo before so will be interesting to see what it is like.

If the album is due later this year, i assume it can't be long before pre orders start for the album too.
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I did a M&G last year and I know it sounds pissy off me but she wore massive sunglasses the entire time and it was just so impersonal and annoying. It was a group M&G (which is fine) but we got told we could ask questions and it didn’t happen and the whole thing just seemed badly organised, awkward and had zero joy.

Saying that, I will most likely go to this tour! Sans the M&G