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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Anyone know if there is anymore word on the next proper studio album? I thought she had said last year before Wilde Winter Songbook that there would be a studio album this year as well?
  2. Is that the live version of Kids In America that was used on the Baby Obey Me EP?
  3. No idea, the CD looks awful. It should be subtitled: The 80s Hits We Couldn't Afford To License So Here Are Some Ropey Re-recordings And Live Versions Volume One.
  4. Any news on any of the other CDs getting the deluxe overhaul?
  5. Yes! Where is Love Moves?
  6. Wilde Winter Songbook is £5.99 on iTunes so I just downloaded it. I like bleaker Christmas albums, the ones that hint at the other side of the holiday. I guess its why the Aimee Mann and Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler albums are my favourites of the genre.
  7. I love New Life from Wilde Winter Songbook. I hope she will release a studio album soon, and deluxe overhauls of her old albums would be amazing. I really enjoyed listening to the re-release of Close last year.
  8. Wilde Winter Songbook is such a gem. Dark but hopeful at the same time. Definitely not a jolly Christmas album throughout. Song For Beryl in particular is such an emotional song. Kinda reminds me of an old Bette Midler song called Hello In There. New studio album is coming along nicely by all accounts.
  9. why's it not on spottily? Surely she has nothing to lose by plonking it on there...
  10. So the 'Wilde Winter Songbook' then. I've always liked Kim but not quite loved over the years so this album came as something of a surprise. I've sang along with her before, danced to her, been entertained by her but rarely been moved by her yet this album has so many reflective, darker moments that I never expected. Some her finest writing is on this album I'd say.
  11. Excited for. New album next year.
    In the meantime, I'm still working my way slowly through her back catalogue.manyone fancy doing some album rankings from best to worst?
  12. Best would have to be Close. Worst, or just least interesting, would have to be Now & Forever.

    I love everything from 1981-1992 to varying degrees; some - like Another Step - I've grown to appreciate more over the years. I've always been a fan of the two flop albums of the mid-80s (flop being a comparitive thing, of course) - Catch As Catch Can and Teases & Dares. Those are "my" Kim albums, in a way, as I got really into music around 1983/84. The first two are fun early-80s power pop; she was probably a stronger singles act at first.

    Love Moves didn't deserve to fail as badly as it did. I guess it was just too much like Close Part 2. Love Is had a few Belinda-esque anthems, but overall was a strong record in my opinion. The 00s albums, I haven't really lived with enough to comment.
  13. Best to Worse:

    Catch As Catch Can
    Teases & Dares
    Kim Wilde
    Come Out And Play
    Another Step
    Love Is
    Never Say Never
    Love Moves
    Now & Forever
  14. Kim's album's are mostly good to excellent, and my list changes at times, but broadly:

    1. Close (1988)
    2. Another Step (1986)
    3. Kim Wilde (1981)
    4. Come Out & Play (2010)
    5. Teases & Dares (1984)
    6. Wilde Winter Songbook (2013)
    7. Love Is (1992)
    8. Catch as Catch Can (1983)
    9. Select (1982)
    10. Love Moves (1990)
    11. Never Say Never (2006)
    12. Now & Forever (1995)
    13. Snapshots (2011)

    Really looking forward to her new album.
  15. Close
    Kim Wilde
    Teases and Dares
    Another Step
    Catch as Catch Can
    Love Is

    The rest.
  16. Never Say Never
    Love Is
    Another Step
    Snapshots / Teases & Dares
    Love Moves
    Now and Forever

    Don't know the others.
  17. So I love Kim Wilde and Select. I've tried to like Catch as Catch Can but its just not growing on me at all. I'm trying Teases and Dares next. I love all her albums from Never Say Never onwards.
  18. Catch as catch can
    Teases and Dares
    Kim wilde
    Another step
    Love is
    Come out and play
    Wilde winter songbook
    Love moves
    Never say never
    Now and forever.

    Would be great if someone did a kim singles rate
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