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King Krule - The Ooz

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Raisin Hell, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Saving the name of musical gingers from Ed Sheeran infamy, it's King Krule. His new music sounds so new/unprecedented. Jazz, post-punk, R&B in a blender... it's like a 2017 take on trip hop/Tricky.

    Bop to this goth beach anthem.

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  2. He's amazing.
  3. Just a hint that this album is wig-snatchingly good.
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  4. Some tracks could have been cut but the album is amazing.
  5. While his talent is undeniable and the majority of the album is incredible, I find myself having trouble getting into the right mood for the whole thing in one listen. It's a similar problem I had with James Blake's last year album, so it might just mean that I need colder days and more long walks.

    This makes no sense, of course. Dum Surfer and Half Man Half Shark are some of my early faves.
  6. Wow this is really great.
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  7. Same, except I already know I'll love this and James Blake is a bit shit.
  8. This is so fucking good.

    Dark, discordant, raw, jazzy, experimental, some post-punk vibes... An extremely evocative album that creates its own inner-world. I immediately think of dark blues... dingy jazz bars leading out to alleyways on a cold, rainy night in the city at 3 AM. I can't stop listening - I'm so fascinated by the mood this album creates.

    Early favorites are Slush Puppy, Lonely Blue, Emergency Blimp, Czech One, A Slide In (New Drugs), Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Divers).
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  9. This does feel like a male counterpart to Honeymoon and Ultraviolence at times, even the melodic cadences feel very Lana.

    I feel like "Slush Puppy" should last 10 minutes.
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  10. Still loving this. The type of album that slowly worms & embeds itself into your head.
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