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King Princess - 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. She's the worst part of her own song. I was listening to Pain thinking "delete the vocals & it's a bop", even if it's literally Freedom '90 x Tom's Diner dddd

    Mark Ronson can still destroy my body whenever he wants, though.
  2. PAIN is really great to these ears. It’s definitely a lot more instant than Only Time Makes It Human which felt pretty lacking but has been elevated listening to it back to back with PAIN. Hoping the tracks keep building on each other.
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  3. I like it! Love the video and song. I'm really here for her uptempo era.
    Is she gonna get dragged for glamourizing domestic violence though or is it okay cause it's like a kink thing dd?
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  4. And to think that much non-exposed nipple is what ruined Janet's career.

    I am looking forward to her next album. I loved the first but ... didn't love the last single.
  5. I've been obsessed with "Pain" for the last couple of weeks. What a bop.
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  6. New song coming:
  7. I don't know if I actually want to click on that. Something about her music and personality just disagrees with my soul haha.
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  8. Same here. The music is all very unobjectionable, but the the whole project and the way she is marketed feels very by-committee, 'I heard that this is what the cool kids are into these days'.

    See also: Conan Gray

    EDIT: All that said, the new song's a bop!
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  9. Another bop!
  10. I was gently bopping to this until that key change came at the end and gave me 3rd degree whiplash.
  11. Her persona could be overlooked if the music was still good but everything post-Hit the Back has been rubbish. This is so nothingy.
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  12. She’s 0/3 for me with this album, the quality has dipped.
  13. Love it. Could have sworn it was Carly singing when it first started nn.
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