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Kingdom Kiis: Big Pop Gewhls 2017 VS Rate - COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. C'mon November 8th, 2016. Let's get on our Boogie Feet! *death drops*
  2. New Yeara Day is a fantastic track. It’s so pensive but still dripping with love and emotion. Taylor really takes you to her gentrified corner of New York City with whatshisname and makes you feel like she actually was cleaning up after NYE, not badgering her cleaner to finish up their home festivities and get their ass over to Casa De Taylor and scrub the floor. Love me some Taylor Callait.

    How’s aside, it’s a tender, delightful track and I think it’s one of the few things on Reputation that doesn’t leave a sour aftertaste.
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  3. Sis they weren't even a majority, and if only they'd been silent.
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  4. Eh, I'm keeping it.
  5. Since when was I quiet?
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  6. Much like many of who’s here today’s lives
  7. I, of course, read this as McGonagall in Got2BReal and yath.
  8. Are you about to make us listen to Halsey's album after all?
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Another one in the casket, and another one, and another one

    And another one

  11. I'm a sucker for a piano/vocal with any big pop gal, so it was always going to score highly with me. But, 'New Year's Day' is still one of Taylor's best, and the line "please don't ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognise anywhere" is classic.
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  12. Fucking get rid of Kesha already.
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  13. I'm really glad that Kesha is holding up so well. I think Rainbow is a great achievement and I far prefer it to Joanne, which I often compare it to because the albums seem to be doing similar things: going back to classic rock styles and showing a softer, more introspective, and less electronic side of their respective artists. Both albums give off a whiff of derivativeness, but I find Kesha's approach to just have way more joy, energy, and verve to it. And fuller sounding production. I think Joanne sounds more stiff, labored, and tinny despite Gaga being a superior vocal talent and wordsmith.
  14. [​IMG]

    SCORE: 6.802

    Good People: 10 x 11 (@inevitable, @Sanctuary, @send photo, @enjoy, @Subwaykid, @digitalkaiser, @AlmightyAloud, @GimmeWork, @mattyjayy, @Terminus, @Laura Vanderbooben)
    Trash Who Will Die Penniless and Alone: .5 x 1 (@Touch), 2 x 3 (@Remyky22, @Beautiful Child 2, @kalonite), 3 x 4 (@sapnu puas, @munro, @Euphoria, @2014)

    Fuck y'all.

    I bend over backwards and spend hours writing posts and making artwork so that you all can have some fun, and what do you all give me in return? This. One of my favorite songs in the rate crashing out at #53, when it spent the first half of voting in the 20s and 30s. It can't help but feel personal, because you know what? It is personal. And I'm gonna remember. I'm gonna remember every one of you lowlife no-taste-having vengeful urchins who wouldn't let me have one thing. Just one thing.

    Don't believe me? Just ask Beginner why he falls to the floor screaming in pain at the mere sight of a 2½.

    "BOP ACT MY SLAYGE," screams my best friend Subwaykid, with whom I discovered this track. Yas dance with me. constantion nods with us from a safe distance, "ddd OKAY at this somewhat living up to the hype. As much as I think it’s better than 90% of the tracks that actually made it on the album, it works better as a standalone and wouldn’t mesh well with the [overambitious] electronica production style Katy was going for." Fun fact: this song is a Tinashe cowrite! Tinashe Fazakerley, that is, who is a man. CasuallyCrazed is CRAZY for it, giving it a 9.5 yes!!!! "Would have been the perfect 4th single, aka a basic bop to get the general pop back on board with her." THERE'S STILL TIME.

    The lovely Joe. gives it an 8 and suggests, "it could have easily replaced 'Into Me You See', 'Save As Draft' or 'Mind Maze' from the main album for an overall easier listen." Or many more, considering this little bonus track outlasted all but five songs from the main album. (And all but one from P!nk's dddd) "This is cute!" d'aws dodoriazarbon. "It's not BRILLIANT, but I sort of want to hold its hand and tell it the future isn't as bad as it seems?" Actually it is brilliant but I have enough necks to step on so I'll spare you this time. Thanks sis. "This is more in the vein of Prism, isn't it?" asks evilsin, and I would go an album further back but werk. "Such a fun carefree track. The guitar is interesting, the melodies are catchy as hell and the lyrics are relatable. A bawp!"

    "B to the O to the P," bops joe_alouder. "Actually fun and has an energy the album lacks." Slice of Life definitely does not criticize the perfect lyrics and says "this is genuinely better than at least 73% of the standard album songs so here's a good score for it." Yes! It even briefly resuscitated RJF's icebox of a heart! "Low-key the best lyrics on the album outside of the lead single. Yes, it’s yet another syllable pile up and what is up with her diction all over this album but I’m forced to accept it as one of the best tracks here. MESS. Sis I don’t need you to act your age. Just write good lyrics. Look, Lorde is like four years old and she’s doing it."

    digitalkaiser is lovely and talented and smells amazing. "This really would have sit nicely on the main album, it’s probably one of my favorite things she’s done in a long while. It manages to poke fun at Katy herself, while also putting the spotlight on a society that seems to think they know what a popstar should or shouldn’t do." send photo literally says he gave it a 10 because he remembers me stanning it. See kids? Smart. Smart as hell.

    Blond says it's "a bargain bin ‘Schoolin’ Life’ but here I am getting my life to it so maybe I should act my age." dddd okay fair Solenciennes hears a "Jennifer Garner '13 going on 30' going on 20-something bop." Katheryn is thirty, flirty and thriving and the haters can't take it!!!! Heartthrob loves that "Katy remembers to have fun" same sis she deserves it!!! It's been a rough year! And GimmeWork wonders, "How did this carefree bop not make the main version of the album?!?!

    It's a good thing no one was fucking STUPID enough to send me - ME, who has been going hard for this song since day 121 - negative commentary on this talented brilliant incredible amazing show stopping spectacular never the same totally unique completely not ever been done before song, because if they had I would have definitely not included it and then made note of who they are so I could follow them around forever reminding them how awful they are!!!

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  15. I mean we should be glad it lasted this long but this really is a travesty.
  16. Yeah, that going before some of the Taylor crap that's still in is a pop injustice. Wish I would have scored it a bit higher. It really grew on me after results had already started.
  17. Rage really seems to inspire @Laura Vanderbooben. Best write up yet and that's saying something.
  18. Me to myself

  19. The My My My! performances are already looking lit.
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