Kingdom Kiis: Big Pop Gewhls 2017 VS Rate - COMPLETE

Are you surprised when Katy hasn’t had a creative flourish since 2010?


Katy has never had a creative flourish in her whole career... bops are still bops though.
Y'all have been confusing Tinashe Kachingwe and Tinashe Fazakerley for years.

I even think the latter has gotten accidentally listed in publishing databases as the female Tinashe.
His music back in 2010 was nice:

But his greatest acheivement was helping write the new Bible Act My Age.

Dd I knew of Tinashe Fazakerley in like 2011 and when Ms. Kachingwe first hit the scene I was like "wait why does that name sound familiar"
Also, y'all might laugh at my seven year old meltdowns at "Till The World Ends" making it Top 20 in that rate, but let the record also show that that basic, piece of shit, Kesha demo, undercooked-chorus, only-liked-because-it-was-a-legit-hit-unlike-its-predecessor, smouldering pile of hot garbage fucking won that rate against all of Born This Way and 4. And I was the lowest scorer. With a 6. And y'all wonder why muscle memory makes me choke slam Britney's dumbass stans on reflex when they used to breed like rabbits on this forum.

Honestly, possibly my greatest (only?) forum achievement to date was when Mr Telephone Man forgot to include my scores in his Circus/I Am.../The Fame rate, and I ended up terminating Britney's reign of terror by pushing 'Poker Face' to the win. It mean, it was only picked up on because I was the only person to give 'If I Were A Boy' full marks (mess on my part), but for the greater good etc.

Some truly alarming things to sift through in that rate, but my 2012 photoshop skills were QUITE SOMETHING.