Kingdom Kiis: Big Pop Gewhls 2017 VS Rate - COMPLETE

SCREAM this last minute Top Answer Game, Round 9, Question 1 (still open for entries!) TWIST!!!

@IMHO when she got my cheque for $4
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SCORE: 8.06

Highest Score: 10 x 26 (@Lost In Japan., @P'NutButter, @sexercise, @send photo, @aaronhansome, @JMRGBY88, @Sprockrooster, @enjoy, @digitalkaiser, @2014, @soratami, @GimmeWork, @that boy is a monster, @Trouble in Paradise, @R92, @RainOnFire, @Blob, @Beginner, @Sinful, @Blond, @constantino, @Markus1981, @SiduousIII, @Slice of Life, @LTG, @TheDangerZone)
Lowest Scores: 3 x 1 (@Hurricane Drunk), 5 x 6 (@paperboyfriendd, @myblood, @Modeblock, @DJHazey, @ericcccc, @Euphoria)

We lose Kelly's title track, as this thread is shown the meaning of strife. A song that sneaks up on you even though it's great on first listen. The way there's a new vocal line on each chorus, each one more roof-raising than the next...chills. That voice, children. Soulful, gritty, sleek, all at the same time. How does she fucking sing like that? Kelly said this "is the song that started this entire project. The vibe, soul and message of this song was very critical to show other writers and producers of the new direction we were taking." Essentially, the album was crafted around this song, justifying its title track status (even though the strength of it already did that).

God I love stanning talent since childhood.

"Repetitive? Yes. Effortlessly sung? Yes. One of the best-produced songs in the rate? Possibly. I can see this getting done wrong but this is old school done right and I adore it. The last chorus, wig!!" says constantino, bald. CasuallyCrazed says Adele wishes she had material this strong, yas. GimmeWork "absolutely loves the production of this song. It’s a contemporary take on a classic doo-wop sound and it works so well here." joe_alouder writhes on silken sheets. "This makes me feel…sensuous? Like give me that romantic love making anthem with a bit of rough and tumble." For some reason dodoriazarbon says the chorus is dull? "Second single? Honey. Ok it's fine and nice but I'm just not on board with the dull chorus. I wish that was given a different treatment melodically." Mess. Blond rights the ship: "This had my 11 for a while. Maybe the best vocals of her career, also check out the live Nashville Sessions version because it’s even better than the studio version."

"The lyrics are brilliant and the horns kicking in before the second chorus are a nice touch," says Solenciennes. "The chorus is love song perfection." digitalkaiser weeps, "Tears. Wigs. Life. Meaning of life. This is such a warm, vibrant, joyous explosion of a song and I hope it smashes. Give me that iconic career defining live performance that I love for this track please god. The sentiment is so pure and sweet, bordering on cliche as fuck, but isn’t that what pop is all about? Damn." munro clicks and snaps, "Come through with them vocals Ms. Kelly." Raichu gave this a 9 but "would have scored this even higher if the chorus didn’t go MIA after the middle 8. It should have come back. Woah, excellent chorus on this one. It almost sounds timeless and has that kind of epic soulful majesty that the best classic R&B music does."

"This is the thing for Clarko to be doing at this point, being a proper big voiced diva," says A$AP Robbie. Beginner sees them record company parallels. "Perfect song to be the title track of her first post-RCA album. She's free from the arranged marriage of her Idol contract, she's got a husband she loves, and she's Kelly Clarkson. Yeah I'd be singing about discovering the meaning of life too." evilsin "didn't like this initially, but listening more attentively, it's a little church moment I can get on up to. The middle 8 is especially uplifting." Heartthrob admits "it does nothing for me lyrically, but the drums in the chorus coupled with the repetitive "me-aa-ning of life-life-life" hook makes it an interesting experiment in setting 2017 topline songwriting against gritty, organic production."

RJF full-on stans: "Warm, jubilant, confident, sentimental without being saccharine, and genuinely the sound of someone’s soul soaring. That wonderful waltz timing in the chorus… fuck me up and make me sway around the damn room with nobody, KC. One of the best songs in the rate and one of Kelly’s best ever."

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I know our lovely host recently posted a what is left-list, but my mind is a bit chaotic at the moment...

Anyway. Is there only one track left from Kelly?!?!! Medicine better walk this for this injustice.