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Kiss You Off - Scissor Sisters

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by doubtingthom, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. For those that didn't make the scissor sisters gig last night at la scala, which was just awesome, you missed out on soem fantastic new material which bodes well for the new album. Paul McCartney was great, the new single I don't feel like dancing even had elton truffle shuffling and was fantastic but the highlight for me had to be Kiss You Off with Ana on lead vocals. Truly fabulous song that should definately be single. Wish they'd played Hairbaby but when a concerts that good and dels that delicious who can complain

  2. This was definitely a stand out track for me last night! I'm pleased Ana is still getting her chance to shine.

    I loved that they played so many new songs last night and it's all sounding great! I was majorly obsessed with the Scissors around the time the album was released but thought my support had faded but you can never knock the Scissors live! My obsession is definitely rising again.

    (I didn't feel that it went on a bit like PJ said on the main page either...)
  3. No neither did i, i could have stayed longer and would have loved to have heard it can't come quickly enough as love that. They could have slotted it in before Filty Gorgeous. But that's me just being greedy.

    Great great band. The latter half of this year is looking up with scissors, donaghy and mutya all expected to release fab albums. Can't wait
  4. Yup Kiss You Off was absolutely the stand out from the new stuff. And yes, what the hell happened during I Don't Feel Like Dancing? It all blew up! I've long gone off Comfortably Numb but last night's was a breathtaking performance of it, and hurrah for Music is the Victim!

    Awesome. Hooray for Popstarz.
  5. are they performing "everybody wants the same thing" & "forever right now" at the moment? i wanna know if these songs will end up on the album or not??
  6. they didnt play forever right now but did a terrific version of everbody wants the same thing. Read somewhere it'll close the next album though i doubt forever right now will feature as their newer stuff sounds much stronger IMO
  7. Great gig. I wore heels so I could see over all the towering boys and now my right ankle is killing me but it was worth it!

    I was freaked out when Jake fell into the audience!

    I met Ana afterwards, and she was lovely.

    What was the name of the track he dedicated to Elton John and David?
  8. Hairbaby's been relagated to a b-side, so I imagine that's why it's not been played recently.

    I doubt Forever Right Now will be on the next album - it's a track that's been floating around since April 2004. I'm guessing that might pop up as a b-side as well. There's a recorded demo of it anyhow. Same goes for Magnifique - was originally planned to be a bonus track on the new album, although last thing I'd heard was the original producers of that song were being arsey about the Scissors covering it and were kicking up a fuss over the rights.
  9. Ann


    I would have forgiven them pretty much anything, so if they'd have come out and sung something dreadful I would still have been totally in love with them. Luckily they were and are still amazing. They've still got the same on stage energy which helped rile up the audience even when no one knew the songs.

    I loved that the set went on for so long. If you've waited this long to see a band play again you'd feel a bit short changed with a hello, a mini sing-song and a see you later. Plus I think they got the balance of new and old just right which was important.

    I'm so glad it hasn't all gone to shit. That would have made me unhappy.

    I don't think I like Ana's new hair though. Heartbreaker.
  10. Ana's new hair was very ginger spice.

    This was the setlist :

    Take Your Mama
    I Can't Decide
    Tits on the radio
    She's my man
    Paul McCartney
    Everybody wants the same thing
    Kiss You Off
    The Other Side
    I Don't Feel like Dancing
    Comfortably Numb
    Music is the victim
    Land of A Thousand Words

    Filthy Gorgeous

    My view in the dj booth was somewhat obscured by hairy sound men, but I did some fun hand dancing.
  11. I'm looking forward to the album a lot, but more so to the tour. They're genuinely one of the best live acts I've ever seen, if not THE best - I defy anyone to go to an SS gig and not have an amazing time. Jake and Ana are popstar royalty.
  12. Kiss you off was amaaazing, but didn't it go on for over 5 mins? I loved it. Loved pretty much all the new songs last night!

    What was with all the crowdsurfing though? I had so many feet on my head by the end of the night, I thought I was a doormat!

    Fabulous gig!
  13. I liked when the sweaty bloke stole a kiss from Jake.

    And when everyone noticed auntie Elt on the balcony and started pointing.
  14. I'm so looking forward to the new album. Any idea when the first single is due for release?
  15. Ann


    Yes! I Don't Feel Like Dancin' is out on 4th September and the album Ta-Dah is out on 18th September. How exciting!
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