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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by HeartSwells, Aug 21, 2021.

  1. Been enjoying her new album Mood Rings over the last couple of weeks, bit of that The 1975/Pale Waves 80s prom dance vibe (We’re So In Tune) and quite a few moments that remind me of early Taylor Swift (Twin Flame). Heaven is my favourite of the bunch for now.

  2. I've listened a few times since @HeartSwells posted it in the chart thread, and I'm on the brink of buying the vinyl. We're So in Tune reminds me SO MUCH of someone I can't quite place... Tegan and Sara maybe?


    @ohnostalgia and @Petty Mayonnaise, if you haven't listened to this yet, you'd like it.

    EDIT: I was coming to write this edit saying I thought what it reminded me of was not T&S but a combination of Maya Vik, Nocturnes-era Little Boots, and a little bit of Vanbot, but then I glanced at HeartSwells' post as I scrolled down and
    Oop, that's it. I am very clever.
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