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Kitty Brucknell - The Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Zamin, Jun 8, 2014.

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  2. Re: Kitty Brucknell - The Debut Album [EVENT OF THE CENTURY]

    Selling off diamonds given to her by a friend in the hopes of releasing her album? Beyond tacky.
  3. K94


    Re: Kitty Brucknell - The Debut Album [EVENT OF THE CENTURY]

    I'm fucking dying at her demanding £300 for someone to go to Alton Towers with her.
  4. So bleak.
  5. Retsaf

    Retsaf Guest

    Oh Kitty.

    I'm so here for this.
  6. I'm semi interested, although it's a shame she couldn't get a record deal that would allow her to do the music she wants to, instead of using Pledge Music.
  7. Jesus Christ, that pledge page is so embarrassing.

    I don't know which one is worse. Poor Kitty will be doing these stupid pledge "exclusives" for years.
  8. I applaud her work ethic.

    She's refusing to give up on what she loves and that shouldn't be discouraged because she's a talented woman.

    If there's mediums such as this for her to use to get to where she wants to then she should do so.
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  9. How much is her target? I never know where to find it on Pledge (if you can?)
  10. I like that she's taking matters into her own hands, but why in thw world would she sell £7500 worth diamonds for £5000?
  11. I liked Kitty on X-Factor but my God, those pledges are depressing and ridiculous.
  12. "I was fired because Kitty came to my work' coming soon on Pick Me Up! mag.
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  13. I adore that you have more British jokes than half of the British people on here.


    That pledge page is iconic. I genuinely might pledge for a phone call.

    May she never change.
  15. What a mag though!
  16. I feel like I should pay not to have these things happen to me.
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  17. AAAAAAAAAH hahaha
  18. I love that she has to do this 50 times.
  19. Just imagine going into the office on Monday morning and trying to start a whip round for that. You seriously would be fired. I also love the wording of it ''Either way, Kitty WILL turn up at your office.'' It sounds more like a threat to the people who've visited the page and don't pledge anything.
  20. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    What if your office is in the Outer Hebrides? She'd spend more than £150 getting there!
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