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Kitty Brucknell - The Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Zamin, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. I imagine she makes people pay for travel expenses if it's out of her way.
  2. Seriously, in what office would people contribute to that? "Oh, an X Factor contestant will come in for about five minutes and interrupt our work? Sure, here's 20 quid!"

    I mean - there can't really be more than two Kitty stans in any given office, max.

    Only if fifty people buy it!
  3. Surely you mean two Kitty stans in any given country?
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  4. Also, it's not really a SURPRISE if you've "whipped round for a collection"...
  5. If she lived out here in San Francisco, I'm sure *somebody* would order the office show as a prank.
  6. Either order this yourself in secret = melting
  7. Well at least she's getting herself out there, I guess.

    I think I'll be horrified either buying it or that someone thought it was a good idea to do so.
  8. So technically it's more of a +20 isn't it.
  9. Does she go into details on where the red carpet will be?... it could be in her hallway.
  10. Oh those of little faith. Honestly - I thought I'd find a few kindred spirits in here, not a bunch of Regina George wannabes. I READ EVERYTHING. Not because I should do, but because I sleep about 4 hours a night and I actually care about the people who have supported me for the past three years.

    The money isn't for the album, that's actually finished. It's to help promote a single coming in late August. It's not going to be Red Shoes. It's something different and you won't have heard it at all. It's totally fresh. :) If you didn't know - promoting a single is insanely expensive if you want to do it properly, and I do. It's not really the case of "having a label", actually - I'm releasing it through a label that has distribution with Universal, they are really good and are letting me find my feet which is fantastic, but that's not really the point. It's about getting my fans involved and actually getting off my arse and doing something. You guys might think I've sat around for three years but actually, I spent the last three years working hard, finding the right people to work with and putting some quality music together. These things take a lot of time, and I wanted to do it right.

    I am gagging to leak everything, even a snippet, but I can't. It's important to keep it under wraps until everything is in place. It's very rock orientated, but with big dance beats and lots of hooky melodies. It's a bit Adam Lambert meets Queen meets Loreen. In fact, I freaking LOVE Loreen. I'm obsessed with euro music.

    I didn't get a single piece of help from anyone off the XF, in fact, there was active discouragement from certain people that I should even try and achieve anything. That's all I'll say on the matter.

    On the other pledges - er, have you seen other people's exclusives? They are pretty much the same everywhere. Lots of people do house concerts, my manager has a private plane and he offered that one which I thought was pretty cool. And why shouldn't I give my +1 at an event to someone who has supported me a huge amount and helped me achieve my dreams?
    BTW - the office turn up thing was put up there mainly because someone I knew was going to pledge it, but they ended up choosing something else. I figured I'd keep it up there, whatever - if it helps bring in the money then I don't mind.

    Just my 2c. I really love this forum, but some of these posts made me wonder why.

    xx K
  11. Kitty I really don't know you (I am Greek) but really don't take us seriously it's all playful banter - the usual Popjustice humour. Just look at Gaga, Rihanna, Jessie J, Rita Ora, Madonna threads we treat all the megastars the same.

    If anything it will bring you more exposure.

    Good luck, I will be checking Red Shoes!
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  12. No Tomorrow has nothing to do with me, it was a collab with a German label I did last year. Not on the album! Red Shoes won't be on the pledgers album, but I'm hoping it will be a single. Queen of Hearts...maybe. Possibly Chains - I think Chains will be on the pledgers album... along with about 10 brand new tracks too :D
  13. Vasilios - I think the only way you can really prove you are sincere after the horrible things you have been saying is if you pay to have Kitty come to your office (including flights / hotel etc....)
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  14. I may do.
  15. That's why I love this place. xxx It's not that I'm over-sensitive, but sometimes I feel the need to respond xxx

    BTW - Red Shoes is produced by a Greek producer. It sounds like something Shakira would do, but with a monster bass line!
  16. See it was meant to be!
    AMAZING! Here for this.
  17. Some of us just like to read indeed...
  18. I've never been to Greece. My friend Robin Skouteris lives there - if I could get a gig there I actually would consider it. I've not had much luck with Greek islands though, I went to Cyprus when I was 20, and my passport was held hostage by a corrupt booking agent who put us up in a cockroach infested flat and we had to get Equity to intervene and get us home. And then I went to Corfu, and got a life-threatening illness and was in hospital for 2 months wondering if I would walk again. So.... yeah.... (smiley face)
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  19. I love Kitty for shutting everyone down.
  20. I love you for posting that. Divahugs all round. :) Random exciting news though, I'm hopefully going back to Asia later in the year and I'm shooting my video soon. There will be obscene amounts of glitter, and you can all be in it. (epic smiley face) Well, if you can get to London, but the idea we have is pretty epic.
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