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Kitty Brucknell - The Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Zamin, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Is this one of those things that will be heralded as iconic?
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  2. If I was rich, I'd buy all 9 days out at Alton Towers and demand them consecutively. Cruel but hilarious.

    PledgeMusic confuses me. Why don't you see the overall goal? I'm so used to how Indiegogo and Kickstarter work.
  3. The goal is secret, because honestly, if you knew how much I needed to raise, you'd probably think it was impossible and not bother. Or, you'd question why I need so much. Just take it at my word, not a penny is going spare!

    If you did all 9 days at Alton Towers, and demand them consecutively, I would LOVE it. In fact, it would be the best 9 days of my life. I'm obsessed with that place.
  4. If Popjustice called it iconic I might freak out a little and do a little dance. Everything I do I try to make iconic. Because what's the point otherwise?
  5. 'Iconic on Popjustice' is the new 'B-List at Capital'.
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  6. Sam


    This thread will go down in history as amazing. Good for you Kitty, hope things work out!
  7. Doesn't he work from home in his bed?

    Bedsilios can you confirm?

  8. Your Feeling Good performance on the X Factor is my favourite thing ever. The outfit, the lashes, that last note, Gary's face. Brilliance all around.
  9. K94


    So was the moment at judges house when you jumped into the pool staged or your idea?
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  10. N'awww Kitt, 99% of us take the piss but do it in good humour. I would have voted for you if it meant I didn't have to give money to that leech Cowell and that talentless bint Cheryl. It's good that you're being an entrepreneur, it's just funny the thought of you doing 50 different crazed office raids in a glittery jumpsuit screeching Lady Gaga lyrics at my boring crusty middle aged manager.

    You should save up those office raid/Alton Towers/tea party/jet plane £££s and work with Xenomania.

    You should also set up a pledge wherein if I give you enough money you'll write a big diss track to everyone I hate and upload it on your Soundcloud, Azealia Banks style.
  11. SMG


    I love this. *bookmarks thread*
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  12. Staged. Producers told me to do it. Well, they "suggested" it. Here's my logic, or at least at the time - if I said yes, it would show the producers that I was willing to play ball and could 'take direction' as they call it. I knew I stood a good chance of getting through, because, lets face it - if I said no, then there was an easy way out for them. They could have thought - "hmmm, Kitty isn't doing what we tell her, perhaps she won't play our game in the finals".

    Of course, they could have ditched me anyway at Judges Houses whether I pool-jumped or not, but I figured it would look pretty bad for them if Louis had said "I'm not taking you through because you pool-jumped" or whatever, then I'd said "but XYZ producers told me to do it, it wasn't my decision, blah blah".

    That's the truth. Simple logic. Of course, I had no intention of playing the joker when I got to the finals, but by then it would be too late, because it's the audience that makes the decision. Sofabet literally SAVED my butt on that show. They know all the tricks, red & black lighting etc etc. Every day I was watching out for those signs. By the time I went home I was kind of over it anyway. I didn't cry at all until coming home in the cab from This Morning. Mostly they were tears of relief.
  13. Ikittyconic
  14. This escalated quickly.

    Kitty, can we find out what the single plan is?

    Also was Alexandra Burke nice in person?
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  15. There's actually a pledge for that. Sing and record any song. £80. :D
  17. Bargain Jinzo.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Kitty I'm so glad you're releasing music, you deserve every bit of success!

    Are you still in contact with Gaga?
  19. This thread is definitely going to be an iconic moment. Well played Kitty!
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