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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Ugh really?

    I feel like she was just beginning to come into her own. I'm sure it was due to lack of hype rather than music quality.
  2. Someone at the label said the songs weren't that great to begin with...and that some of the new ones are better, but fans expecting titles she had previously mentioned / performed live will be disappointed that they were canned
  3. I thought UDSM and Liability were good. Not amazing songs per say, but they got her personality across very well and were bopable. Do you know if the plan is to sort of "relaunch" her? She deleted all her tweets and Instagram posts too.
  4. Shame.

    'UDSM' and 'Liability' are great.
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  5. Shame, I met her after she opened for marina and she was so charming and sweet, she also had really great charisma and her music came to live when perfomend live. The album she had been cooking up sounded good but hopefully the new stuffs just as good.
  6. Someone heard 'UDSM' and thought "Oh yeah, no that's only average, let's throw everything away because we can easily come up with something better"?! The mind boggles.
  7. Ugh... Record labels.
    I hope this doesn't become a pattern... If I remember rightly, she was first signed to Neon Gold and planned to release the EP with them in late 2014, but then nothing materialised until the end of 2015.
  8. @Tiger Suit No one ever gets their debut EP out on time, though.
  9. So.... Hate to bump this thread, but any news? All her social media have been completely erased. Yikes
  10. The only thing left is Facebook, but that hasn't had an update since Oct. 2016.
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  11. Oh I saw this bumped and my heart jumped a bit. I still have her songs on rotation. I really hope she gets back out there soon.
  12. All I ever see of her is occasionally hanging out with Lauren Aquilina on Insta... So I don't know, ask her if she's up to anything.
  13. I asked her why she stopped posting anything, and why she stopped releasing music. She messaged me back saying; mental health issues.

    So sad, hope she's OK now
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  14. I was hesitant to bump the thread, however, someone finally leaked what was intended to be her debut album some years ago

    Youth Forever
    The Bottle
    I'm Out
    The Ride
    Lay It On the Line
  15. Someone out here doing the Lord(e)'s work!
    The album is, unsurprisingly, very good.

    'Bite' is the only one that I'm not fully into at the moment; but as a body, this is a very good collection!
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