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Koda Kumi - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. You're very welcome.
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  2. The next episode of Aimu Sora's Club with Kuu is up!
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  3. Can't wait to check out those interviews!

    I had a dream last night that Kumi covered Be Our Guest and, in line with my opinions of her Disney covers, I wasn't a fan haha.
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  4. The Hungary moment sent me. That and reacting to the 20 year old fan’s letter. I also liked the discussion of the person VS the artist - really interesting stuff. And some great nuggets of wisdom too. Loving those!
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  5. I'm enjoying these interviews so much. She really is the sweetest. Sadly my two questions were left unanswered, dddd.
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  6. Awww, gutted, I was hoping your questions would be answered! What were they out of interest?

    I've actually not seen many (any?) interviews with Kumi so I loved watching these. She is so lovely and cute!
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  7. I asked what were her fave songs from her vast discography and the second question was, since I wanted to be a bit messy, "why aren't you performing "JUICY"?", dddd.
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  8. Great questions! I like hearing what artists favourite songs are outside of the staples.
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  9. ‘Killer monsteR’ got a dance-version MV. Dare I say, I prefer it over the original? Not that they’re hugely different but this one looks more consistent throughout and doesn’t have short clips of the other underused scenes inserted throughout.

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  10. Somehow it looks smoother, like it has different FPS compared to the original.
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  11. Part 3 of Sora’s special club - theme this time is: concerts!

    Related IG:
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  12. I love how hands-on she is with every aspect of her shows. Thank you for posting, @cookiedough.
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  13. They picked some great concert moments, too. I was low-key hoping they would throw in your question about wth she isn’t performing JUICY ddd.
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  14. The last part of the interview is up.
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  15. I'm so emotional after this episode. God, I love this woman so much.
    Also, apparently, we'll be getting an extra episode on 31st!
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  16. Another great one! So much to unpack - for one I would never have clocked the affection <> XXKK connection. I loved hearing about the L/R recording process and how she did everything from home, as well her take on some of the themes/lyrics on the new album or how she chose songs she wanted to record then went to the label to have an album released. This series has been the best thing, the interviewer was so good and I appreciate the efforts in making the content available in English.
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  17. Oh yeah. He's definitely a fan and it shows. I loved the fact that Kuu recoreded "XXKK" just for herself, that's an amazingly refreshing approach. Also both minis just keep on growing on me and I'm pretty sure I already prefer it over at least the last 2 albums.
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  18. I'm watching Kuu's interviews with Sora and I love how invested she is in them! I've loved her since I found her, but since it's so hard to find interviews with English subtitles that don't get taken down, I never got to see how funny she is!

    Also, I'd never heard of the Aimu Sora Club before, but I'm going to be checking out his stuff as well. He's so wholesome.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I don't have time to watch the last part but can someone let me know what the connection between affection and XXKK is? Also, is Sora a real person just with an animated persona, or is he an AI/vocaloid character or what?
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  20. I think it's the former, his speech is just too natural to be an AI.
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