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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. The mirror ball outfit/imagery in the XXKK video, which she describes as her signature 20 year anniversary song, was meant a reference to affection’s cover.
    "After a long night of recording, listeners didn't like affection so avex had gutted me and set me on fire. But you know I didn't die. I had crystallized. And now I'm a glamazon, bitch, ready for the runway."
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  2. The mirrorballs around her on the "affection"'s cover and now she's herself the mirrorball in the music video for "XXKK". And Aimu is a VTuber - he's a real person who uses software and a camera to make him look like an anime avatar.
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  3. They put in the extra questions into the extra episode and she answered my question and said my name! I'm in tears. What an amazing New Year's present.
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  4. I’m so thrilled for you, @evilsin! What an amazing end of year gift!
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  5. Aww that’s really sweet, happy for you @evilsin
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  6. Thanks! I can't believe this actually happened.
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  7. It's been awhile, eh? We're getting the "MY NAME IS..." tour DVD on Match 10th. Looks like we'll be getting a music video for "Lucky Star" as one of the more interesting extras. Also not the fanclub edition totalling at 24,200 yen, Jesus!

    Moreover they are starting to sell some premium goods, which are nice an all, but like... expensive.

    An just for fun, I've remembered @V3RYP05H suggesting making our own "MY NAME IS..." tracklist from the TOP songs from all Parts of the rate, so we have something like this, if we put them by their placements.

    01 SHAKE IT
    02 Under
    04 HUSH
    05 EX TAPE
    06 real Emotion
    07 JUICY
    08 ECSTASY
    09 Selfish
    10 Driving
    12 Shhh!
    13 HOT HOT
    14 Cutie Honey
    15 BUT
    16 Lollipop
    17 SO FEVER
    18 NO TRICKS
    19 TABOO
    20 KO-SO-KO-SO
    21 W FACE

    Bops galore with no ballads or much sequencing apart from the rate's placement because I can't really be bothered, dddd. Should probably make one for the ballads as well, hm?
  8. The stage would explode if she had this track list!
  9. Well damn, MY NAME IS... [Popjustice ver.] slaps. Genuinely surprised none of her early ballads made the list though.
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  10. Sadly, the highest the ballads has ever gone was #9 in Part I ("1000 no Kotoba") and Part II ("Aishou"). Will do the ballad edition soon, if I don't forget about it, dddd.
  11. This tracklist:
    I’m booking tickets straight to Japan if she ever does something similar in a concert. We need another YouTube interview to pitch the idea nn.
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  12. New KANSAI collection live with A LOOK:

    1. XXKK
    2. DO ME
    3. Megumi no hito
    4. WIND
    5. OMG

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  13. The current hair reminds me of "DNA".

    Okay, so the best ballads selection we were talking about:

    01 Promise
    02 walk
    03 Ai no Uta
    04 You're So Beautiful
    05 Yorokobi no Kakera
    06 Gentle Words
    07 Moon Crying
    08 Ai wo Tomenaide
    09 Aenaku Naru Kurai Nara
    10 hands
    11 Yume no Uta
    12 Suki de, Suki de, Suki de.
    13 Promise you
    14 the meaning of peace with BoA
    15 you
    16 Anata Dake ga
    17 On And On
    18 1000 no Kotoba
    19 Aishou
    20 No Way

    So it looks kinda like this, but heavily depends on what you consider a ballad. I personally always had a clear divide between the ballads and mid-tempos, while other people say that mid-tempos are ballads as well. Having said that, if we consider more mid-tempos for this, this won't change that much.
  14. Just vibing and driving around with Gackt:


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  15. Gackt spoofing James Corden? We love to see it.
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  16. for... clicked with me the other day. Getting Feel My Mind & Secret vibes which is making me all nostalgic!

    Surprisingly I actually think angel is my favourite of the 2 minis!
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  17. "for..." definitely has this nostalgic feeling to it, which works for it quite nicely, yes. And as for the favorite mini of the 2, I can't really decide because I've made a playlist of both of them together and, like, the only song that doesn't particularly grown on me here is "Sing the truth", dddd.
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  18. Nothing really exciting has been happening lately, but we did get some stunning shoots and a live in an airplane hanger(?). Anyway, this is cute.

    Also, Kuu posted pics from the studio with TIGER, who wrote some amazing R'n'B-leaning songs for the likes of Namie and YA-KYIM, and she said that TIGER provided vocals for the new song, which is pretty exciting to me.
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  19. T-T I am absolutely FEENING for some new KK music so I am ready.

    Same, though my answer definitely leans closer to monsteR.
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  20. New single incoming! 3 digital ones and them together as an actual physical (albeit fanclub only) one, woo-hoo!

    Apparently we're getting a radio premier this Wednesday.

    Other than that Kuu is currently on her 20th anniversary talk show and the looks she's been pulling are so good.
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