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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Can’t wait. Looks like "We’ll be OK" is getting a video. Considering the release at the end of the month, we’ll hopefully see it soon. Looking forward to new music.

    I like the summery visuals in those pics on her website so far.
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  2. She looks great, I'm ready to bathe in all the positivitea. I also want to be as happy as she looks in the cover.
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  3. The song got its premier on the radio. It's nice, I like how classy it sounds with the instrumental. Not sure about the trumpets yet.
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  4. Miss Kumi looking gorgeina for her FNS appearance:

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  5. Kuu and BACK-ON (her husband's band) are collaborating as "blank paper" for anime "Kyoukai Senki". The song's title is "enemy" and is slated for autumn.

    Sounds like a pretty standard anime song, but it's cute that they decided to collab like that considering how close they've been working for some time now.
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  6. We have a preview of the music video for "We'll be OK".
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  7. The music video is going to premier in less that 24 hours.
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  8. And here's the song.
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  9. The music video just premiered. It's cute, but still has some classic chaotic Kuu energy to it. I had a mini anxiety attack seeing her run down the stairs in heels after the balls flew everywhere. We also got Kloop.
  10. Looking forward to watching it when I get home! Could do without Kloop though!
  11. It’s a cute and fun bop, and I like the video! The preview had me wondering whether we’d only see the garden scenes, but I was happy to see different scenes around the house too.

    They did a great job making the video interesting just out of this one location, with fun little details and activities here and there to keep it interesting.
    This scene gives me low key chaotic renting an Airbnb to trash it energy dd.

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  12. She's serving, your honor. Looks like a sequel to "Killer Monster" visually.
  13. She had me at "dance tune" and "HOT BEAT"!

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  14. And we're getting it in a week! Hopefully simultaneously with the music video.
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  15. Her management page have a short (instrumental?) preview up on their Instagram stories. It sounds in line with the description above, and while it’s too early to tell for sure, I’m really liking the sound so far:

    Edit: that clip is from a remix of Hot Hot, not the new track nn.

    New pic also, "Queen" indeed!
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  16. It was premiered on the radio ahead of the release. Apparently it was produced by UTA yay!, and it's nothing particularly new, but it does remind me of "Shhh!", which is good in my book.
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  17. The music video premiers tomorrow.

    And it's out on Spotify.
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  18. The music video just premiered. It's okay, mostly her dancing. Screaming at how tiny she is compared to the male dancers.
  19. It’s okay. I just heard the single before this one and it’s okay too. I hope the next one is an absolute slapper.
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  20. I also totally forgot to post that the girl who won the competition, that Kumi was a judge of, released her first song, which was written by Kumi herself.

    We also got the cover and the title of the single when it's going to be released physically. People on Twitter hate both the cover and the title, but I think it's fine.

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