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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Sums it up perfectly!
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  2. I'm not sure we can expect something along those lines with a title like "to be free", but you never know with Kumi.
  3. Here is the cover art for "to be free" which is only a week away now. The song's melody is described as "enveloping and soothing". We'll see.
  4. WELL! Hopefully it is “enveloping” because I haven’t been “enveloped” by the previous two.
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  5. Nice cover, looking forward to hearing it! Hoping this will be the best of the 3!
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  6. New photobook celebrating 20th anniversary is out November 13th, Kumi's birthday.
  7. It's out!

    Music video premiers tomorrow.
  8. Okay, I've only now got the chance to listen and it's very sweet. I really dig it and it's definitely my favorite of the 3.
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  9. We're getting an all time best album on December 6th (the date of her debut). I'm... not expecting any surprises, especially after we had "MY NAME IS..." last year. I would've been a lot more excited if we didn't have it, dddd.

    The two editions are ridiculous though. You're either getting a standard 3CD+1DVD edition, or a fanclub 8CD+3Blu-ray, which is a fucking lot, oh my god. Did they just cram everything the fans already have into all those CDs?
  10. I knew it was gonna happen but MY NAME IS… really did ruin the hype I had for it, I can’t imagine the tracklist being any good after that diabolical tracklist even with 3 (or 8, dddd) CDs.

    If the FANCLUB Edition has the Popjustice Rate’s #2 Hit “SO FEVER”, then I’m gonna sign up for a forwarding service TODAY because a bitch needs that song.
  11. @V3RYP0SH, that you?
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  12. Yes! Should I have added a line about how I want NO songs from W Face ~inside~? Heheheehehehe
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  13. Ooh kinda interested in this depending on the tracklist! 3 discs sounds good, I feel 8 discs is a bit too much for my brain to handle haha.

    Hope this new best of means we can forget about My Name Is. Great cover and title but that tracklist wouldn't be something I'd use to introduce someone to Kuu.
  14. Well, it only had 1 single in the form of "Kimi Omoi", so you might be spared.
    Yeah, my head is already spinning after I counted around 95 singles and A-sides just for the 3CDs. It looks like the 8CDs will have the majority of her body of work depending on how many songs they put on each CD.

    Wonder if they will go chronologicaly or give different themes to CD akin to "SUMMER of LOVE" and "WINTER of LOVE".

    My heart hopes for some alternative mixes, vocal takes, remasters or unreleased songs, but my mind says that the chance is slim.
  15. I finally gave this a listen and agree it’s the best of the three. So breezy. I’m saying that, these three just aren’t really doing much for me. I assume these are going to be on the new BEST OF but I don’t think they deserve to be nn.
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  16. The official website says that the singles included would be from "TAKE BACK" to "XXKK", so the latest single is definitely not included.

    Also, this release is making me feel oddly perched even though I hosted a whole goddamn rate that felt like a release of this caliber.
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  17. I figure that was just standard PR speak to say it spans her discography, like how Little Mix’s said their Greatest Hits spans from “Wings to Heartbreak Anthem” but then includes “Kiss My (Uh-Oh)” and “Love (Sweet Love)” and has 4 additional new tracks.
  18. Guess we'll know when they reveal the tracklist, which would probably come out in a month or so.
  19. Yes, in the meantime I shall hold a candle ceremony so that she puts “SO FEVER” on it.
  20. If they put it even on the 8CD edition, that would be cool and somewhat worth getting. Not to mention the possibility of the music video being all HD on one of those Blu-rays.
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